Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Doctor's Mission by Debbie Kaufman- Adventurous!

Amid the lush backdrop of the Liberian jungle lurk unseen dangers, always ready to torment and challenge its victims.

Determined pastor William Mayweather, still in grieving over the untimely death of his wife Alice, is taken back with the arrival of the new doctor. Fully expecting a man to emerge from the waiting vehicle he discovers it is not a man at all, but a woman, an outspoken Dr. Mary Ohara emerges greeting William.During their journey through the jungle, along with escorts, on the way to the village of Nynabo they encounter an native tribe. Mary soon realizes the dangers involved. After they reach Nynabo and access the situation they discover the need is greater than they had anticipated. In the wake of despair is it possible for William and Mary to put their differences aside and work together as a team?

I found in reading this book that the characters really seemed to "come alive" almost midway into the storyline. Character development was strong and at that point it became hard to put down and pushed my rating to a solid four! The language of the natives added to the charm of the dialogue. It is a romantic suspense novel that was entertaining. I found the overall message to be inspiring and I would recommend this book to others. Thanks to Goodreads and especially to the author who provided me this complimentary copy to read and review.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Band That Played On by Steven Turner- Easily 5 Stars!!

8 Brave Men
8 Different Life Stories
All come together to form 1 band for the ill-fated Titanic

A fitting tribute to the members of the band who so heroically kept playing to calm and avoid panic amongst the other passengers before and during the sinking. Their music and religion made each man who they were, but in the end very sadly, all lost their lives.

The families and loved ones had been left with their grief and also left to try and recover compensation for the loss of their sons/brothers/husbands and fathers. Also covered in the book are the stories of the family members and loved ones left behind after the tragedy.

Expertly reseached and written this book offers history, captivating and amazing photos of the band members, their lives and surroundings and other important document photos. First hand accounts taken from passengers that survived the sinking and so much more. I was drawn to the book from the beginning and it held my attention until the end. Very highly recommended! Very well written!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Exceptional Life by Stephen Arterburn- Insightful and Helpful!

Are there aspects of your life that need changing?

Would you like help combating issues such as guilt, anger, or isolation?

Would you like to grow closer to God despite road blocks that keep you from becoming all you can be?

The answers to these and many others can be found within the pages of this book. Many points are touched on incl. forgiveness, change, sharing God's love with others, shedding resentment and so many others. At the end of each chapter there are questions for discussion and/or reflection. I did enjoy the many scripture and prayer references as well as connecting with stories of the author and other's first hand experiences, "from those who have been there", relating to each topic so the reader can better grasp each chapter. A keeper book that can be referenced again. I feel that not every section will apply to every person, but perhaps that each reader will be able to identify with at least one chapter.
I found the overall message to be inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this to others. I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for this review.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Inconvenient Match by Janet Dean- Enjoyable!

A devastating tragedy, two families torn apart by its aftermath, soon becoming at odds with each other. Can hope and faith change the fate of heartbreak and repair that which is broken?

Abigail Wilson knew that even though Wade caught her eye, dining with a Cummings was out of the question. Wade Cummings, quite the eligible bachelor, paid for the privilige to eat with the preparer of the box lunch Abigail, that he had won in an auction. Abigails family as well as several others depended on the benefit auction for much needed income. When Wade offers Abigail a way to help her family she hesitantly accepts. She finds out that this will be quite a challenge indeed. She is determined to fulfill her part of the bargain but will she lose her heart in the process?

An entertaining book from start to finish. I enjoyed connecting with these well rounded characters. This is a romance that kept me reading and I found it hard to put down once I became involved in it. Dialogue, scenery and description all worked well together. I found the overall message inspiring and I would recommend this book to others.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Miracles Are For Real by James L Garlow and Keith Wall- Fascinating Book!

Yes, miracles still happen everyday in this age, yet there are some who need to see a miracle or the aftermath of one to truly believe. This informative and fascinating book pulls together miracles from history and intermingles creatively with the present, causing the reader to grasp a clear understanding of miracles and how they touch and heal lives. Some of the points addressed in the book include: What kind of miracle are you seeking, different types of miracles, false prophets, miracles and sceptics, powerful promptings and many others. Included in this book are real life stories of those whose lives have been touched and changed by miracles.

I was not sure what to expect when I started reading this book but I quickly became glued to the pages. It is very enlightening as well as entertaining. It touched on many things that I have wondered about. I found the overall message inspiring and it challenged my faith. I will definately be reading the previous volumes before this one: Heaven and the Afterlife and Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife. I highly recommend this book to others! Very well researched and written! I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for my review.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beyond the Farthest Star by Bodie and Brock Thoene- Highly Recommend!

Anne, daughter of Pastor Adam and Maurene Wells watches her father's every breath whose life depends on a ventilator machine.Adam was in his element as a preacher. His profession, his calling, led him and his family from California to Leonard, Texas to a dying church. The Well's family traveled from place to place frequently and Anne always had a hard time fitting in as the new kid in school. The plan by the town council and Adam was to display a wooden nativity scene for all to enjoy, not being aware of the complications that arose from their actions. A family torn, trying desparately to hold themselves together, a devastating secret, and yet beyond their world, in the darkened sky, lies the farthest star.

Highly entertaining, I enjoyed every minute spent getting to know these realistic and well developed characters. This book drew me in from the beginning and held my attention throughout. This novel offers everything a reader could want heartbreak, suspense and romance. Dialogue, scenery and plot worked well with no dull parts. The overall message is inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this well written novel to others. Thank you to Zondervan Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Plagues by Mary Nealy- my review

Keren Collin, a competent detective for the Chicago PD has learned how to separate her emotions from her job. Paul Morris a former detective, now preacher, has the capability to draw others to him. Both are former coworkers. When a serial killer is discovered using the ten plagues of Egypt in the time of Moses in present day America, the two join forces along with others to try to save lives and to locate the person responsible for creating them. The killer targets the very people Paul has looked out for at the shelter. As Keren and Paul share their lives with each other they realize that time is running out and their lives may be in jeopardy as they struggle to bring peace and justice to their city.

A intense journey that brings suspense, detective, romance and a bit of scifi together in this creative read. I found myself immersed into the plot and as it reached the climax I was glued to the book wondering what would happen. Fans of detective novels will surely enjoy this read. Character development, dialogue and scenery worked and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this novel to others but don't expect to finish it in an afternoon. Thanks to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter- My Review

You know what they say... the past will usually come back to haunt you when you least expect it...
Shay Brandenberger is trying on a wedding dress in Lucy's store to play the part in a Founders Day reinactment ceremony when rodeo superstar Travis McCoy walked into Lucy's store and back into Shay's life. Seeing Shay again brings back so many memories and Shay seeing him again brings back only one, the day he left her at the altar. When Travis was asked to participate in the play alongside Shay he realizes just what he gave up 14 years ago. Shay is a self sufficient woman and does not need or want help from anyone, for herself or her young daughter. When a mixup surfaces Shay looks for a way to get past this. But like it or not, could Travis' idea be the one she has counted on all along? Or will this be just another one of his surprises?
Excellent novel concept, creativity and storyline. One you can "get into" from the beginning. This book although the second in a series works as a stand alone novel. Character development was excellent, loved the character of Travis, seemed real and genuine, I liked Shay's character but felt I did not connect to her as much as I wanted to. Dialogue and scenery worked, I enjoyed the conversations between Shay and Travis as well as peering into their past history together. I did feel however that the book had a couple of sensual parts, not explicit, but still made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. There were many inspiring moments as well and I was entertained. Thanks to Thomas Nelson Inc and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland by Roseanna White - 5 Stars! 5 Stars! 5 Stars!

5 Stars! 5 Stars! 5 Stars!Larksong Benton and Emerson Fielding engaged 2 years are to be married, sometime... Lark growing tired of waiting for the day to arrive, wonders at what extent Emerson's love for her lies. Lark's brother Wiley is very protective of his sister and her interests. When their cousin Penelope arrives to stay for awhile at their home, she is not favored by either of them due to her flirtatious ways.
Lark travels to Maryland and Emerson harbors deep regret for her decision. Upon arriving Lark finds a kindred friend in Sena, daughter of the family she is staying with. Sena, having only brothers has longed for a sister to share things with. Humorous with a cherry personality is just what Lark has needed. Will different scenery and friends soften Lark's heart and will she be able to escape the hurts of her past?
Extremely well written this book also hosts a few well known figures of history. Travel back to the 1700's in a way no history book can provide! Romance, humor, heartbreak and civalry will take hold of your attention and fill your hours with pleasure. This hard to put down book comes alive with well developed characters, rich scenery, interactive dialogue along with a gripping ending that will leave you wanting more. I was highly entertained, I found the overall message inspiring and will recommend this novel to others! I hope to read more from this author in the future!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst- A Fantastic Read!

Julianna happened to be at the wrong place, she is taken hostage by an outlaw and made to journey far from her home. Evan, an outlaw with a big heart is searching for the person or persons responsible for the brutal slaying of his brother Daniel. He feels responsible for Julianna's present predicament and vows to protect her with his life. Complete with suspense and romance I felt as if I were there along with the characters, listening to the conversations and riding the terrain. I really loved Evan's character, tough yet tender!
I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent getting to know these well developed characters they captured me and made the west come alive! I found the overall message to be inspiring and the book certainly challenged my faith. I hope to read more from the author in the future!! Very well written!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hannah's Journey by Anna Schmidt- My Review

Levi Harmon, satisfied with his life and fortune, he has built for himself. He receives a visit from Hannah Goodloe, an Amish woman searching for her 11 yr old son Caleb who has run away and thought to be amongst the staff of his traveling circus. Levi makes her an offer to accompany him on his circus train to search for and bring back her son. When she approached the bishop about Levi's offer, the bishop requested two others of her family need to accompany her. Onboard, Levi comes up with a business arrangement to help Hannah continue her journey after her traveling partner insists she returns home to Florida to tend to her duties there. What Hannah finds is what she never thought she has been missing. What Levi finds is not what he is seeking.
A quick read that the more I progressed into the book the more I enjoyed it. I do read Amish fiction from time to time and I recommend this one for a different kind of read. Even though they have smaller parts in the book, Fred the clown and Lily the performer captured my heart, they seemed so down to earth and easy to relate to. Plot, description, dialogue and scenery all came together well. I found the overall message inspiring and I was entertained!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines- A Book You Can Really Get Lost In !!!

Well respected and confident Marcus, Earl of Spenford of England is in search of a Christian bride to honor his mother's wishes.Rev. and Mrs. Somerton have 5 daughters, one of whom caught the eye of Marcus on a previous encounter. During the wedding ceremony when Marcus lifts his young bride's veil a startling discovery is made.Through the feelings of inadequacy Constance maintains her dignity as best as she is able.Highly aware of how others view him, Marcus feels he must be on his best behavior at all times, even at the expense of others.Will duty keep them together or drive them apart?Can Constance and Marcus bury their differences?His heart is guarded but can she crush his reserve?
I enjoyed every minute spent peering into the lives and hearts of these interesting, well developed and personable characters. Quite difficult to put down from the beginning, this book will hold you captive and leave you satisfied in the end! Plot, dialogue, description and scenery all worked well in this romantic novel. I found the overall message inspiring and will recommend this well written book to others. I hope to read more Love Inspired books in the future by this author!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quaker Christmas 4-in-1 Collection by L. Bliss, R. Cecil, R. Phillips, C. Sanders- Four Quaker Families Open Their Homes and Hearts With Others!

Mary is leary of Silas who is not respectful of their Quaker ways and beliefs, but can they each come to a mutual understanding?

Will feels responsible for a fatal accident that claimed the life of his best friend, Alan. Can Alan's widow Lucinda accept what was and look ahead to what is yet to become?

Some say the River Pirates are a legend of the past, while others believe they still rule the waters and land. Henry longs to escape from his questionable lifestyle. When Henry rescues a woman who has fallen into the water his priorities take on a new promise. Each possesses a different belief and way of life but can the two successfully blend their future?

For Susanna, the wife of an Underground Railroad Abolitionist, life can be lonely indeed for the times when Nathan is away. When a runaway slave shows up at her door one cold night looking for a way to escape the injustices of the South, Susanna is given an opportunity to make a difference and to prove her equality.

Using authentic language of the Quaker Friends in conversations added to the charm of these novellas. It did take some getting used the language used in the beginning of reading but I soon got lost in them! I enjoyed them all but my favorites were: Pirate of My Heart and Equally Yoked. The suspense was gripping! The overall messages are inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I highly recommend these well written novellas!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Biltmore Christmas 4-in-1 Collection by Diane T Ashley, Aaron McCarver, Sylvia Barnes, Rhonda Gibson, Jeri ODell- Heartwarming Christmas Novellas!

Four sisters, four Christmas adventures at the Biltmore Estates:Charity, learns how to properly care for a horse while snagging the attention of Clay.Selma, working as a chambermaid catches the eye of Jacob who is popular among the ladies.Peggy, creator of delicious treats and assistant to the pastry chef finds more than honey on a trip to see a gardener.Melissa, whose talents excell in the mechanical field grinds the heart of Ned an entrepreneur.

I enjoy reading these kinds of stories, each one different and unique, yet each one successfully tying the characters together. The book can be read in one sitting or in several. This book blends four charming stories of haves and have nots that will capture your heart and hold your attention from a team of talented authors. I was entertained and challenged in my faith and found the overall message inspiring. I would recommend this book for the coming holiday season.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Encounter- A Lifechanging Film!

Five people, some of whom are strangers to one another, driving on a dangerously stormy night end up together at a diner. What happens will change their lives from this night forward. I found this movie based on the many positive reviews. This is one fantastically well made, thought provoking, creative, emotionally inspiring and lifechanging film that has the ability to prompt the viewer to evaluate themselves on a more spiritual level. I felt a connection with the characters very early in the movie and I feel it to be deserving of more than 5 stars. Excellent in every way! I was challenged in my faith. A definite must see movie that I very highly recommend for everyone and especially for those who have fallen away from Jesus and his love!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Torn by Jud Wilhite- Recommended!

This book offers hope when hurting, peace from the earth's trials and love from the only one who can ease pain, God. I learned so much from this book and I took my time in reading it so the author's words and thoughts could sink in and I could reflect on what I had read. The personal life stories contained within this well written book tear at your heart and I realized that my life has not been as difficult as what others have endured. This book brings understanding and truth that no matter what happens you are not alone and that suffering is just not for one alone, that God and others can help. Each chapter and section contained something that I was able to personally benefit from or help others with, topics such as: learning to trust, handling depression, guilt, shame, anger and how to forgive, all relevant to everyone. Book also includes an extensive study guide. I highly recommend this book to all who are hurting or who want to be a help to others who are torn and hurting. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Courageous by Randy Alcorn- Action, Action and More Action!

This book revolves around the lives of four men, all officers of the law and their families. Other characters enhance this fast paced story. Nathan, a transfer to Albany GA, Adam, David, a rookie, and Shane. Each man realizes that sometimes being a father holds more challenges than being a police officer, each learns what it takes to be a better father and in his own way. Derrick, wants to prove to gang leader TJ, that he has what it takes to be a member of the Gangster Nation. Javier, looking to find a permanent place in the workforce, quickly becomes an ally to the team. Tragedies are a part of every officers job and life but when it encompasses one of their own all pull together in support of the one.
Action from the very first chapter pulled me in and kept me there. Suspense, drama, high action, tear at the heart moments and comedy as well meshed together and made these characters come alive on the page and seem very real as I was reading the novel. Excellent character development, dialogue, description and scene all worked well. I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this excellent novel to others. I now look forward to watching the movie!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness by Michael J Sullivan- Quite An Amazing Story!!!

I was searching recently for a different kind of book, one that is faithfilled, kind of science fiction, yet original and brings Jesus into the picture. After reading this books synopsis and digging into the book's first chapters I knew I had chosen a good one to spend the day with.

Michael, a single parent is trying to raise his daughter Elizabeth, now a teenager alone, his wife Vicky had passed away during the baby's birth. Assisting the priest one night Michael and Elizabeth happen upon a tunnel at the church and find themselves walking into the 1st century Jerusalem in the time of Christ. They were looked upon as foreigners, their dress and language calling attention to themselves by the Roman soldiers and other bystanders. Michael and Elizabeth feel they must speak out against the atrocities they are witness to. They soon find out that defending someone in 1st century can sometimes produce harsh consequences. They are taken in by a kindly woman named Leah. She teaches them about her culture and way of life. While in Jerusalem Michael looks for a way to change the outcomes of events he knows that will happen, but yet knowing they must find their way back home somehow. The novel also expertly blends Michael's past when he was younger so the reader can get to know his character more in depth.

This novel was quite an amazing story that will hold the readers attention throughout the book! History, suspense, drama and creativity are smoothly blended along with a twist ending in this well written first novel. Characters are well developed, plot, dialogue, description and scenery all work well as there are no dull parts. I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Sullivan in the future! I highly recommend this book to others. Very Well Written!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Journey To Christmas DVD- Unforgettable!

Embark on a 20 day journey along with 5 people in search of the true meaning of Christmas. Drew, Dusty, Rory, Nazreth and Kim all from different spiritual and family backgrounds arrive in Israel equipped with a knowledgeable and interesting group guide as they discover ancient sites surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. Learn with them the history of Christmas on this creative interactive experience. Catch rare glimpses and footage of the Holy Land, complete with breathtaking scenery and spellbinding musical accompaniment.

With all of the commercialism associated with the Christmas season these days, it is comforting and refreshing to find a film that actually digs deeper to find the true meaning of Christmas. In all honesty, this is the most unique presentation I have seen, it stirred my emotions, and I know I will not be able to forget it for a long time. I was mesmerized by the scenery, captivated by the places they visited, challenged by the main characters honest interaction with each other and inspired by the many people they encountered along the way. I believe this film series has the ability to turn sceptics into believers!

I highly recommend this DVD series for the coming holiday season to everyone. I was highly entertained and challenged in my faith. The overall message was inspiring. Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this DVD for my review.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble- This is one must read book!

Eden Larson and Clay Larson have been apart for 5 years since the disappearance of their baby daughter Brianna. Eden is having dinner with her boyfriend of 1 year when Clay finds her and tells her that Brianna is alive and is at a ranch for children in Texas. Eden and Clay venture from Indiana to Texas posing as a married couple to apply for positions as counselors at the ranch in order to locate and find Brianna. Any one of the young girls staying there could be Brianna, or not any of them. Clay and Eden quickly settle in and plan to find out the answers one way or another. Danger awaits the couple and the ranch in this non-stop suspense thriller! New experiences, new dreams, past memories forever seer into their hearts. Will there be a rekindling of the past for Eden and Clay? Will they find the one they search for?
This book is well rounded, peppered with drama, and just enough romance, suspense and fun to make this one hard to put down read! I was entranced from the first chapter and could not stop until the last one! Excellent character development, dialogue, description and scenery, book flowed excellently and held my attention! I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I will highly recommend this book to others! Very well written! Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers and Netgalley for ARC copy for my review.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

By The Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer- Catch A Glimpse of History!

Quentin, who has seen much in his life and as of lately is now in great need. When a stranger hands him a boarding pass aboard the Titanic, promise and chance has given him an opportunity to make a change in his life.
Amelia is amazed of what the Titanic has to offer its passengers. Traveling with her Aunt Neda they leave all behind to venture to America to meet Mr Chapman the man she has been corresponding with. Amelia's heart always looking to help a person in need, her unselfishness not going unnoticed.
Damien, the son of wealthy businessman Clarence Walpole, does not expect to find aboard the Titanic what he has long given up. He is looking to find the girl of his dreams. He has everything money can buy, but could he "buy" the one he longs for most?
A well reseached and well crafted novel of happiness, heartbreak, forgiveness and darkness are tied together in one impossible to put down book. Peer into the lives and hearts of these realistic characters and journey with them aboard a great ship on it's ill-fated maiden voyage. Stories and accounts about Titanic has captured the attention and hearts of so many over the years. This book brings this time to life along with very descriptive, charming and fulfilling scenery. A romantic and suspenseful read that will keep you reading until the end! Plot, character development, dialogue, description and scenery all mesh together expertly making this an inspiring read one I won't forget anytime soon! I recommend this novel to everyone as we near the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking to catch a glimpse of history!! Thanks so much to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Setting Boundaries with Difficult People by Allison Bottke- Very Informative!

A few excellent key points in this informative and well written and researched book include: What is a boundary?, learn how to effectively set and implement realistic boundaries while finding sanity in your life, this book gives sensible guidelines to follow and utilize in learning how to effectively and lovingly deal with difficult people, how to identify difficult people and situations that drag you down, learning what sanity is and how to achieve it, locating support groups, deepening our relationship with God and so many more relevant topics. Along with bible passages and highlights from other books(authors) included corresponds to the material being presented along with personal journal questions to address ties together and compliments the chapter or point being addressed.
I have thorougly enjoyed reading (and thinking) as I dove into this book! It has helped me relate to my life and learn how to set boundaries in which I have struggled with. The author touches on so many topics I had not thought about but are so very important in setting and implementing boundaries. This book, I feel, will help all who struggle with these issues. I would highly recommend this book to others! Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for this ARC for my review.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy- This one will tear at your heart

Gloria and Andrew, residents from Texas, anxious to become first time parents travel to China to adopt a little girl whom they named Joy. As they meet and take their daughter to their awaiting vehicle they are being watched from a distance by a girl on her bicycle named Kai. Years later Kai is insistant on locating Joy whom is her sister Lily to inform her of their families genetic disease history. What Kai finds when she is introduced to their adoptive parents is a cold and unwelcoming mother. Gloria is frightened that Kai will take Joy away from them. Kai confronted the hostility and brought them into her world, one of a tortuous past in China. Joy now a teenager is having trouble fitting in with her peers. Can Gloria listen and follow her heart to trust Kai? Can Kai fulfill a dying mother's wish?
This novel has excellent dialogue and scenery and is a tear at your heart kind of book. I did not have trouble getting into the storyline but felt that more character development was needed. Going from the history to the present was excellent. The overall message was inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. This is an entertaining novel I will recommend! Thank You to Bethany House Publishers for providing this complimentary copy for me for my review.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin- Wonderfully written this book has it all!

Alice Grace is a librarian and a lover of books. Her boyfriend Gordon thinks she lives in a fiction world that she has read about, and he abruptly ends their relationship. During the Great Depression, people were in hard times and job loss was common. Alice shared their plight. She decides to embark on a journey to Acorn Kentucky to deliver books and magazines she has helped to collect at her library job. She catches a ride with her Aunt Lydia and Uncle Cecil. Alice was determined to be the heroine to the people who needed her. But after she arrived she discovered that she did not need a book after all for adventure, drama, suspense and romance because in the backwoods town of Acorn lied all of what her dreams and heart held and what a heroine needed.
I absolutely loved every minute spent in getting to know these highly personable characters. I connected with everyone in a different way. Characters like Lillie, who has seen much in her long life, Leslie(Mack) who was down to earth and Ike who was just plain fun and so many other wonderful characters added to make this novel, in my opinion, one of the authors best yet! This book held me captive and was from the beginning and was impossible to put down! I felt as if I were there with the characters living their adventures, suspense and romance with them! Excellent character development, dialogue, and scenery make this a highly recommend must read novel. The overall message was inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for providing this compimentary copy for me for my review

Monday, October 24, 2011

Excellent resource for fasting and prayer!

An indispensable must have guide that covers everything pertaining to fasting. Laced throughout are bible passages that correspond to the subject being discussed. A lot of information is well presented and I took my time in reading and reflecting. I have fasted for a few years now and what I know in reading this book is that this book will greatly enhance my fasting experience! Some key points I found personally beneficial were: how to prepare for a successful fast, non food fasts, how to better incorporate prayer during a fast and how to forgive but there are so many more pertinent topics presented here as well! Every reader can take the authors experiences and advice and apply them to their own personal journey. This book will be excellent to read again before during and after my own fasts especially longer ones. Very well written and researched! I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for this review.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pirate of My Heart by Jamie Carie- A True Gem!

Kendra Townsend is the only child of Edward and his late wife Eileen In a era where future spouses are chosen by parents or caregivers she is content in the reality of that she will have a choice. Her uncle Andrew pays a most unexpected visit to her father Edward with an urgent matter that must be addressed.Dorian Colburn, American captain of the sea falcon Angelina on shore in England is looking to command his own fleet in the future and is quite eager to get back to the sea. With his first mate John by his side and an able bodied crew sea missions go very smooth for him. His love and heart lie at sea and he does not want anyone to be held accountable to. Will the longings of another melt his reserve?When Edward Townsend dies, Kendra's uncle Andrew gives her two choices: Either marriage to an undesirable man of his choosing or travel and live with her uncle and aunt in America. As she prepares on the journey of her life to America her heart is filled with sorrow. She is to travel on the Angelina in the care of John first mate. What she finds when she arrives on the American shore is not what she has expected. She is looking for love but will love be hers to claim?
Finally, an original novel that expertly blends swashbucking and sea adventure with the grounding and excitement of the shore! I was drawn into this book from the beginning and admit I could not put it down! This book offers it all: Romance, Deception, Humor, Valor and everything in between. Lots of adventure and action will hold you captive to your seat right up until the very end! Excellent character development, dialogue and scenery come together in this highly entertaining and inspiring read. You will want to make sure and grab this novel and become a part of history! I highly recommend this book! Thanks to B&H Publishing Group and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not in the Heart by Chris Fabry- Looking for a great read? This book has it all!

Truman Wiley, journalist, has been out of touch with his estranged wife Ellen, their two children and the Lord. He has been out of work for quite some time. His son Aiden is in desperate need of a heart and Truman's pain of seeing his son lying in the hospital pushes fear to the forefront of his mind. Truman is asked to write the story of Terrelle Conley, a death row inmate convicted of murder, who unselfishly wants to be an organ donor for Aiden. When Abigail their daughter asks to assist her father in writing the story the task at hand seems to hold new promise for both of them. But sometimes finding the right answers to the questions involves both risk and danger. Time is ticking for both Aiden and Terrelle will their efforts be too late?
Writing at it's best! This story expertly combines suspense, intrigue, humor and matters of the heart all rolled up into one extremely impossible hard to put down novel. Lots of twists and turns throughout and an unexpected ending will wow the reader! All story elements fit together throughtout: plot, dialogue, description and scenery worked, as there are no hanging parts. Excellent character development. I feel this is one of the authors best! Excellent!!! The novel inspired me and I highly recommend this book! Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paper Angels by Jimmy Wayne and Travis Thrasher- Will leave you blessed by the joys of giving!!

Thomas Brandt, his sister Sara, and their mother Lynn, stuggling to keep their heads above water financially, find themselves before Christmas in desperate need of help. Lynn tries making the best of a difficult situation but no matter what she does it just is not enough. Kevin Morrell and his wife Jenny both decide together to each choose an angel off of the Salvation Army angel tree while in the mall one day, not realizing how they will impact the lives of Lynn and her family. This is a story that will bless you by the joys of giving and show the reader how to make a difference. It is also a story about how the kind and unselfish acts of an impoverished 15yr old boy can change the world around him. Excellent character development, storyline and dialogue will capture you and keep you reading! I was challenged in my faith and will highly recommend this book to others, very well written! Thank you to Howard Books and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall- This Story Will Capture Your Heart!

Mattie, a member of the old amish order, is owner of Mattie's Cakes. She works her magic with delectable cakes and confectionaries. Her shop in Ohio is sought out amongst the amish people as well as the englishers. Sol occupies her time when she is not creating but remembrances of Gideon and the past occupy her thoughts. When a tragedy occurs and she goes back home to Pennsylvania to visit her family, fate brings her and Gideon together once more. Three years ago he had broken up with her and left her with so many unanswered questions. Can her heart understand and accept what had happened then between them or will it cause her more pain and separate them even further? Spend some time getting to know these personable characters. A quick read that will capture your heart from the beginning! Well crafted storyline and scenery make this a book you will want to read this holiday season. I was entertained and found the overall message inspiring. I would highly recommend this novel to others.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Baker's Wife by Erin Healy- Excellent suspense/thriller!!!

Audrey Bofinger shares herself unselfishly with others, offering kind words of support and encouragement and always with a loaf of fresh baked bread. As a baker's wife to Geoff her life centers around the baking of bread and their bakery business but it is more than a hobby to both of them. Their son Ed, a college student, helps his parents with their business. Diane Hall arrived in her hometown after a many years absence when the Bofinger's bakery beckons to her early one morning. Diane learns that kindness comes in different forms when her life intertwines with Audrey and Geoff. Diane's memories are held captive in the house above the bakery and she must do what she can to escape them. What happened on a foggy morning as Audrey and Ed were driving to the bakery would change the course of their lives for a long time to come.
A suspense filled and thrilling story with a sprinkling of love and loss that will capture your attention and heart from the beginning. Excellent character development and plot that had me guessing until the end! I found the overall message inspiring and was entertained. I would highly recommend this novel to others! Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers and Netgalley for my copy for my review.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Texan's Promise by Shelley Gray- A Must Read Romantic Adventure!

Vanessa carries feelings for Clayton Proffitt deep within her heart. The patience of Clayton knows no limits as he honors the vow he made with Vanessa's father long ago. Price Venture, stepfather to Vanessa and her brother Miles, whose violence extends far beyond his words, his anger and hatred causing more harm and scars for Vanessa. When Clayton finds Vanessa crying in the barn one night a plan is devised to get her as far away from Circle Z and Price as they can so he can no longer hurt her. Her life is in danger and he will do anything to keep her safe. During their travels they find themselves amongst friends sharing fond memories bringing with them new ideas and plans. Can the feelings Clayton and Vanessa share for one another deepen or will their differences tear them apart?
I enjoyed every minute of this highly entertaining romantic novel and getting to know each of the characters in depth. Once I started reading I was completely hooked and could not stop until finished! Excellent plot, storyline, dialogue and character development makes this first of Heart of a Hero series one must read adventure! I am looking forward to reading more in the series coming up. This book challenged my faith and I Highly recommend this novel! Thank you to Abingdon Press and Netgalley for this copy for my review!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Now Favorite! Wings of A Dream by Anne Mateer

Follow the journey of Rebecca Grace who has just turned 19, her heart is captivated by Arthur, an aspiring aviator. By request of her mother she is sent to tend an ailing Aunt in Texas, close by to where Arthur is stationed. But what Rebecca found when she arrived challenged her in ways she never imagined. Taking her Aunt's place she is entrusted to care for 4 children. The Spanish flu has taken ahold of Texas, bringing with it heartbreak. Rebecca longed for adventure away from home and somewhere to rest her heart, but the very excitement she has yearned for all along just might be right before her eyes.
The author crafts a captivating story rich with history and the bonds of family. Romance along with adventure and just fun reading will grab you and keep you reading long into the night. With excellent character development, dialogue and scenery makes this one hard to put down book that I highly recommend! I will definately be on the lookout for more works by this author and look forward to rereading Wings of a Dream at a later time to reconnect with the characters! I was challenged in my faith and entertained, well written! I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for my review.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman- Don't Miss This Book!

Camilla Fox escaped the home of her husband Nathan and her new sister wife Amanda leaving behind her two children and the home she had known since leaving the home of her parents. When she is found near frozen by Colonel Brandon and his soldiers as they take extra care to see to her safety and comfort. She knows she must return for her daughters to save them from the same life she had succumbed to when she was a teenager. But with uncertainty of her fate looming nothing can prepare her for what she finds when she reaches Salt Lake City to reclaim her daughters, realizing this may be the greatest challenge yet that she has ever faced.
I was excited to read this next book in the series as I was with the first one, Time and Eternity. The author has a way of telling a story and drawing the readers deep into the novel. This one will certainly "grab you" and have you reading late into the night! I enjoyed meeting new characters as well as catching up with ones from the first book. Highly entertaining and a book you certainly won't want to miss. This one could be a stand alone novel even though it is part of a series. The overall message is inspiring and I would highly recommend this novel to others. Very Well Written. Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy to me for my review.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Scroll by Grant R Jeffrey, Alton L Gansky- Everything I Expected and More!

David Chambers renowned Biblical Archaeologist, is a man who has lost his faith and is searching for something crucial in his life. Abram Ben-Judah, an old friend contacts him and asks him to come back to the Holy Land for one final dig, to unearth the treasures of the Copper Scroll. Funding has come from a benefactor, a great supporter of Biblical Archaelogy and David finds himself working alongside other members at the dig site, who are not of his choosing including Amber, his fiancee. The treasures in the tunnels await the explorers, but is the ultimate cost worth the price that must be paid?

Mr. Gansky is a favorite author of mine and this book did not disappoint! Danger and intrigue along with interactive dialogue, excellent character development, twists and turns, and realistic scenery await the reader! As I was reading The Scroll I was reminded of possibly an Indiana Jones movie sitting on the edge of the seat and I felt as if I were there with the characters experiencing what they did. I learned quite a bit about archaelogy from this book and I was challenged in my faith. But don't expect to finish this book in one sitting plan three or four uninterupped evenings and let the authors take you on a fascinating journey. I would highly recommend this book! Very well written!!! I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for my review.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Marriage Carol- Magical!!!!!!

Jacob and his wife Marlee married 20 years on Christmas Eve are on their way in a snowstorm to the lawyers office to end their marriage on Christmas Eve. An accident occurs and Marlee wakes up and Jacob is nowhere to be found. She walks until she finds help. Hope opens the door and comes in the form of a kindly old man whose words match that of his heart. She realizes she has choices to make but there are consequenses attached to them. I was entranced by this magical story! A very creative "warm your heart" type of read that can be finished in a few hours. One that will touch your emotions and cause you to think "What if"? I found it quite impossible to put down and rate it every bit 5 stars. I loved the twist ending. Excellent character development, storyline and scenery make this a must read for the holiday season! I was highly entertained as there were no dull parts. The overall message was inspiring and I highly recommend this book to others! Very Well Written! Many thanks to Moody Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC for my review!

Dancing on Glass by Pamela Ewen- This book drew me in and kept me there!

Amalise working as a waitress in New Orleans is also a law student. She meets Phillip, who is employed at the campus in the art department. Phillip, a dark and disturbing type whose interpretation of life is found within his paintings is immediately entraced by Amalise wanting to know everything about her. Her best friend Jude, a bar pilot at Pilottown has always looked out for Amalise since they were young. After meeting Phillip, Jude becomes concerned about her when she is with Phillip. As the relationship evolves between Amalise and Phillip she becomes a prisoner in his world. He is a very controlling type personality who does as he pleases but restricts her from everything and everyone she loves. The determination that Amalise has for their relationship may cost her everything that she has worked so hard for. I was drawn to this book from the beginning chapter and it held my interest until the end. Quite impossible to put down, very well written. Excellent character development, I was able to connect with them and their story very quickly. Highly entertaining, this was a very suspenseful read and kept me guessing right up to the ending. I would highly recommend this book!!! Thank you to B&H Publishing Group and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glorious Appearing-Left Behind Book 12

Undercover in enemy forces Mac goes to Jerusalem in search of Buck. Mac witnesses the cruelty of Carpathia and his followers first hand as the believers in Petra are being threatened. Rayford clings to life following an ATV accident. Chaim speaks conforting words to his audience despite the warnings of Carpathia. Miracles happen in anticipation of Christ's return.As the last book of the series my anticipation was high. It did drag a bit in the middle but by the last 150 pages or so I could not put the book down. I did enjoy how the authors tied up some loose ends but did seem to leave the door open for more that could follow. The suspense was well crafted and the scene realistic. I was inspired and will seek out more from these authors. As with the books in the series prior to this one, Glorious Appearing did challenge me in my faith and I did enjoy reading the series and having an opportunity to get to know each character. I would recommend this book! Very well done!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who is the Antichrist by Mark Hitchcock- Insightful!

The author presents his book in a question/answer format linking bible passages and verses relating to each topic. The author lists what needs to be in place for the antichrist and what has occured thus far, he cites views of the antichrist from the early days of the church and compares it to the modern view among some examples. He tackles the tough questions as well as the more common ones, also including other author references as well. Everything you ever wanted to know about in one volume! Expertly researched this book is most beneficial to the person newest in Christ, but also has material that the long time believer in God's word can grasp as well. I was able to devour the material easily because the book has full passages from the bible. But don't expect to finish it in one day. It did challenge me in my faith and I found the overall message inspiring. I would recommend this book to others. Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freedom's Stand by J. M. Windle

A novel about the plight of women and children in Afganistan and of the conditions to which they are subjected and religious persecution. From working as carpet weavers, illiteracy to young girls being given to men as wives that are not of the girls choosing. Encompasses the lives of Amy Mallory from New Hope Foundation (a safe haven for women and children), Jamil a healer, Farah a girl who is looking for more in life and other prominant characters. This book does tear at the heart and will make the reader reflect on the hardships these people face everyday. I am happy that I live in a free country and have the freedom of choice.This book does have excellent character development and starts out well but however I did have trouble staying into the novel a little ways through and am not sure it can be a stand alone type being second in a series it definately needs to be read in order. Dialogue and scene works and it challenged me in my faith. I would recommend it but only after reading the first.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Armageddon Left Behind #11

With New Babylon now shrouded in total darkness only believers can see leaving unbelievers with blinded eyes. A member of the tribulation force is taken into custody and the future of the other members seems questionable. Tsion and Buck journey to Jerusalem as the Jewish people prepare for the greatest battle the world has ever faced. Chang and Naomi have become closer. The world is coming to a climactic conclusion as the antichrist steps up his massive destruction.With love found and great loss this is one of the most tense and nonstop yet in the series yet also one of the saddest. More deaths have unfolded leaving the tribulation force with less members to fight Carpathia and his followers. This is my favorite in the series to date and I look forward with mixed feelings to the last book. I have really gotten attached to these characters and although I cannot wait to see what happens in the final book I really do not want it to end. Excellent character development and realistic scene as well as dialogue makes this one one that I will reread in the near future. Just cannot seem to get enough of this series and find that it is so relevant to today's world and current events.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones- A Journey of the Heart

Gray London, governor of Tennessee and first lady MacKenzie have a 5 yr old daughter, Maddie, who was born after many years of hoping. Maddie adds life to their home and their hearts. Jeremiah has been tending the gardens of the govenor's house for 25 years, and 3 years of that for the London family. Jeremiah has a way of growing things and it can be said that a piece of heaven can truly be found in his backyard. When tragedy strikes the world stops spinning. For this family through life's turmoil and suffering, God brings understanding through the eyes and heart of an old gardener named Jeremiah. When MacKenzie's mother Eugenia comes to stay at the Governors home she and Jeremiah have to work hard to overcome their differences. A southern novel of love, loss and understanding that will touch of the heart of the reader. At times quite sad, but at others quite funny, especially with Eugenia and her friends. Excellent character development and although at times the dialect was hard to follow, it is truly a keeper novel to be enjoyed again. The author was able to portray the characters expression of grief in different ways. A true journey of the heart novel that I highly recommend.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Remnant Left Behind #10

Evident that God provides for his people sparing them from the suffering of the unbelievers, Tsion's encouraging voice can be heard throughout causing rejoicing among the believers. Carpathia and his evil constituants were not pleased when their efforts to destroy the gathered believers at Petra failed. Carpathia calls Leon to appoint others to perform great stunts in an effort to further bring more devotees to worship his image. He steps up his tortuous punishment regime for the Jewish people insisting that they will submit to the mark of the beast. This book in the series had alot of action and drama but I found it fell short by not holding my attention through the middle sections. The beginning and ending are superb however. This series is very thought provoking and has challenged my faith and I would highly recommend them to others as I have throughly enjoyed them so far.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock -Excellence!

Logan Brisco, a man who never stays in one place too long, landed in Serenity Texas. Once a thriving oil town Serenity is looking for a way to get back on the map. Logan is a very smooth talker, an expert on the ways of words and "get rich" schemes. Carny Sullivan doesn't buy what Logan is selling. She was raised in a traveling carnival and has seen more con jobs than anyone, her wisdom going far beyond the circus tent. Trying to protect her son Jason from the life she has seen becomes a constant battle. Carny is cautious of Logan as the town rallies behind the ideas he presents during a crowded meeting at the bingo hall. From what Carny knows to be true actions say alot about a person and behind that contagious smile lies her greatest challenge yet.
This is a novel of love, sacrifice and hardship and one that will draw the reader from the beginning guaranteeing hours of reading enjoyment. With excellent character development this novel will capture your heart and will keep you guessing until the end. Highly recommend, excellent in every way! Thanks so much to Zondervan and Netgalley for my ARC copy for this review!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desecration Left Behind # 9

Chang Wong is becoming a valuable asset to the work of the Tribulation Force. Rayford and his team assembles believers to take a stand at the Temple Mount where Carpathia followers are set to worship Carpathia's image and take the mark of the beast. Yet more Tribulation members perish as new members are introduced. Chaim and Buck go to battle for the Lord as unbelievers are plagued by festering wounds in an attempt to bring more away from Satan's hold over them. Chloe ventures out and becomes more involved bringing more members to the effort. A search and rescue is underway but will the efforts prove futile? Will it cause more danger to Tribulation Force members? Another explosive addition to the series! As the ones before it this one also challenges my faith and I was highly entertained. Scene and dialogue work book flows well and the overall message is inspiring. I would highly recommend this series to others especially for the times in which we live.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mark Left Behind #8 My Favorite In The Series So Far!

Chaim's eyes are exposed to the truth. Plans are being set to administer the chip consisting of a mark proving complete loyalty to Carpathia will be embedded under the skin of the right hard or in the forehead of his followers. His followers will then be able to buy and sell. Those who oppose the mark will be destroyed. David, a part of Carpathia's payroll and a believer, is worried about his and his fellow believers lives. More people come to have the mark of God on their foreheads opposing Carpathia's plan. My favorite in the series to date promises action and suspenseful twists and turns. I felt that the dialogue and scene worked well and as the books before this this one also introduces new characters that I was able to connect with. The overall message was inspiring and I was again challenged in my faith. I was highly entertained and found the pages going by quickly as I was so immersed into the storyline. Highly recommend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Family For Faith by Missy Tippens- A Must Read!

Gabe, a single father to Chelsea tries hard to always do the right thing concerning his daughter, but at times he tries too hard. She is growing up too fast for him. Faith longs for the life that has been denied to her and someone to share it with. Gabe becomes "the target" of few single girls eyes and their matchmaking schemes. I absolutely loved this story, it grabbed me from the start and refused to let me go! The romance element was strong with excellent character development. I found the overall message inspiring and the storyline very entertaining. This book challenged my faith and I would highly recommend it to others. Well done! Thank you so much to Missy for my copy I look forward to the next book of hers due out next spring!

The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott- A Chilling Experience!

A young woman (an active satanic member) called Bill asking for help in freeing her from the demons who tortured her. He invited her into their home and battled the forces of evil with constant prayer. What he and his wife encountered was so frightening and terrifying. An 18 month long experience in which the evil spirits invaded their home and their lives, the reader learns about demonic forces very much alive in our world, how demons attach themselves to people and how demons can destroy a person who does not know of God's love but also how God can offer protection along with many other points.This is a revealing book that I am not likely to forget for a very long time. It was so chilling and real but so much needed for this day in age. I was challenged in my faith and recommend this book! My only suggestion would be not to read it at night. Thank you to Faithworks and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blame It On the Mistletoe by Joyce Magnin- Loved It!

A gazebo is discovered and some of the residents at the Greenbrier Nursing home are regaining their youth, start doing odd things, like riding tricycles and dancing like they are teenagers, and other odd behaviors. The group sets out to find the truth. To add variety to a typical fare Ruth plans a Tropical Thanksgiving. Go on soaring adventures with Matilda, listen in while the Yuletide committee discusses the upcoming Christmas agenda, meet new characters and stay in touch with familiar ones. This novel with capture your heart and make you smile! All the charm and entertainment for the upcoming holiday season done up Brights Pond style! Although this is a part of a series it could easily stand on it's own. Very entertaining and a joy to read, I highly recommend this book. It challenged my faith as I kept turning the pages, quite hard to put down! Thanks so much to Abingdon Press and Netgalley for my ARC for my review.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall- A Book You Can't Afford to Miss!

Amid the war of 1812 Cassandra, a very independent young woman, has taken it upon herself solely to provide for her family, to save them all from ruin, and to fulfill the tasks of her late father. She searches for a ship to privateer. Luke Heaton needs a privateer to get his ship, that is in dire need of repair, upon the waters and provide financially for his family. Cassandra's offer brings the two together. Luke, a man of faltering faith desperately seeks answers to the questions that burn closest to his heart. When he finds his choices narrowed concerning the British enemy, he fights to right his wrongs. But will it be enough? Will Cassandra's investment in privateering Luke's ship be successful?A very faith filled and adventurous swashbucking novel with believeable heros and heroines will leave you craving more. Very rich in historical element along with a cast of personable characters, storyline and excellent scenery this book challenged my faith. Although it is part of a series it could well work as a stand alone novel. Well done!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

She Makes It Look Easy by Marybeth Whalen- Thorougly Enjoyable!

Justine, mom to 2 young girls whose best friend has moved away from the house behind her finds that her life lacks pizzazz. Most people around her seem to think she has it all together but there are those who truly know her best. Ariel, mom to 3 young boys moves into the house vacated by Justines best friend could use some advice when it comes to being organized and finds the new neighbor has just the plan. The 2 become friends finding themselves not just talking across the fence but discovering there is more than being "just neighbors". This book will tickle your funny bone(especially Ariel's boys) but at the same time it will tear at your heartstrings. The author tackles sensitive issues while creating well developed characters. Book flowed well and quickly became hard to put down. Spend some time getting to know these two women, their families, friends and other neighbors! Highly recommended!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse

In the beginning her story is a collection of her life as being a single twenty something female in Michigan on a quest for meeting Mr. Right. She attempts fasting while thinking about what a jar of honey symbolizes thus deciding her life lacks sweetness. She devised her "Honey Project" to improve her spirtual focus and meaning. The making of a list to follow she felt, would equal success. On her quest she communed with others on a farm and finds out that living without can be an advantage for her while at the same times has its embarassing moments. Her writing style is down to earth and easy to follow which is a plus, perhaps younger readers can relate to her journey. I did learn some interesting facts about other religious practices. I had a hard time grasping the meaning of her journey as a author. The cover, quite a excellent choice, drew me to this book blindly and knowing that it is a memoir caught my interest as well. In all honesty I cannot say that the book challenged me in my faith and I did not enjoy it as much as I had anticipated I would. I got this book because of the blurb on the back and I did give it a 3 for effort, but I felt it fell short.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Indwelling- Left Behind #7- Chilling!

With the death of a public figure, the GC tightens security looking for answers. A member of the Tribulation Force begins to feels options are running out for themselves and for others. A worldwide tribute to Carpathia is planned as the list of believers keeps growing, while fearing for their lives now more than ever. Book started out a little slow then by the 4th chapter I was hooked in again and found it difficult to put down. This book more than the others I feel so far, is very chilling especially as it gets to the climax. Plot, dialogue and scene worked well and I highly recommend this end times novel, it is creative and with the introduction of new characters and revisiting with familiar ones makes the left behind series the one to read in this day in age. I am challenged in my faith and I always walk away looking forward to the next book! I was entertained and I found the overall message inspiring. Well done!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bandit's Hope by Marcia Gruver- Enjoyed every minute of it!

Mariah, new owner of Bells Inn is in search of a husband but others believe they hold her choice. Reddick (Tiller) McRae has other things in mind than being with his ruthless gang members. Tired of running, Tiller is caught in a storm landing him on the doorstep of Bells Inn. He is quickly made welcome by the Inns workers and for Tiller bidding time seems the best solution yet. A search operation turns up more than is expected. The second in a series, of which I have read the first, has as much charm and personality, but can easily be a stand alone novel as well. With the introduction of new characters, Otis and Miss Vee, for example, added to the storyline, I was really drawn to them, along with my old favorites made this quite an enjoyable and fulfilling read! I always expect to have a great time when I read one of Mrs. Gruver's novels and this one did not disappoint. Excellent character development and dialogue the novel flowed well and I connected with the characters right away. The book held my interest and did not have any dull parts. Excellent! I would definately recommend this book to others. Thanks so much to Barbour Publishing for my ARC Copy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

False Witness-my review

Clark Shealy and his wife Jessica are a repo team. Johnny Chin (a member of the Chinese Mafia), has a preference for blondes. Foul play is suspected when Jessica disappears suddenly. David Hoffman, part of the witness protection program, is also in the repo business. He is in violation of felonies and in court is represented by a team of law students, Jamie Brock, Isaiah Haywood and Davon Jones. The law students soon find out that what is at stake is more dangerous than they realized.A nonstop action novel that includes courtroom drama makes for an easy flowing book! The scene and dialogue work and the reader will be thrust into a novel with many twists and turns. Well done!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Understand the Book of Revelations by Skip Heitzig- Deserving of More Than 5 Stars!

(Posted previously on 5-21-11)
In all honesty I have to say that this is possibly the most accurate and complete translation of Revelations that I have come across. Finally it all makes sense! Each chapter includes study scriptures from other books that correspond to the chapter being read to give additional understanding and insight. Stories that illustrate were also included as well as current events tying into the end times. The author brings to light the meaning of the symbols and difficult to understand passages contained in the chapters. I followed along with my bible as I dove into the book. An extremely well written book that alot of thought and time has went into. I think this would also be excellent for bible study or book club. Don't expect to finish it in a day or two! Thank you to Harvest House Publishers for providing this ARC copy for me for my review.

Restless in Carolina by Tamara Leigh Loved This Book!

Bridget, a young widow, who cannot let go of the past seems to be a part of everyone's conversation whether she likes it or not. Looking for an audience with J.C. Dirk, a green concious environmentally friendly real estate developer, in which to keep her uncle's land quaint and from big business she travels to Atlanta dressed to impress. Despite other interested investors, she has her heart set on keeping the land green and J.C. Dirk is just the one to help her. Being weary of potential love interests as a now available single she has her share of prospective matches but will she lose her guarded heart a 2nd time?Excellent character development and storyline. Even though this is part of a series, and I have not read the first two in the series, I feel this novel can stand alone. I was able to devour this book in under 6 hours as I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book! Very well written! “I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

Monday, July 18, 2011

Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang

Christophe returned home from the war with no greeting and no welcome. Annaliese jubilantly shouted as the crowd rallied to hear of freedom call. Their cries so different from the communists. Hunger dictates the country as the citizens of Germany celebrate the end of the war. Annaliese has won the attention of an important admirer, looking for a victory in the election, and one who can further the socialists party. Annaliese is reacquainted with someone from her past but could it ruin everything she has worked so hard for? Christophe is sent on a journey to recover what was lost. Will he truly find what he is searching for?
A novel of politics, loyalty and discovery set in the time of the Great War. The scene of the storyline worked very well and I can see myself in the era as I read this book. I found the book to be much better and more entertaining than the other books before it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Champion by Carla Capshaw-Excellent in every sense of the word!

All of her life, Tibi has tried hard to win her father Tiberius' love. Her future options are limited, and she chose a different path for her life, rather than the one that her father has chosen for her. She flees for safety to the home of Alexius, a Greek gladiator. Alexius risks his life in the coliseum, but nothing has prepared him to face his greatest battle yet. Action, adventure, romance and twists and turns entertain the reader of this well crafted novel! I connected with each character in the story from the beginning. I do enjoy this kind of novel, one that you can feel as if you are there experiencing what the characters do and feel what they feel from the comfort of your chair. Excellent in every sense of the word, I highly recommend this novel! Very well written!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Desert Gift by Sally John- Not Sure

Jillian is a well known speaker and author on the subject of marriage communication. Jackson is a physician for Huffman Medical Group, he asked his wife Jill for a divorce after 24 years of marriage. He has fallen "out of love". Their son Conner, aged 23 is currently living in Europe. Jill's books reveal much about their marriage and the more she tries to reconcile the more he drags his feet. The memories are fresh in her mind, her thoughts consume her. The question remains, Can she get back what she needs and deserves in this life, and will it come with a price? The scene worked but I felt the characters lacked depth and I had a very hard time connecting with them. The novel started out great but quickly dropped off and sadly did not hold my interest to the end. My faith was challenged somewhat. It is an ok read but not sure if I would recommend it to others.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Assassins (Left Behind #6)- Will leave you wanting more!

Hattie has disappeared, leaving tribulation members wondering about her outcome and theirs. The tribulation force has lost yet another member while others join in their cause. The 6th trumpet judgement has begun bringing with it horsemen engaged in a bloody battle. As a gathering of dignitaries and followers gets under way tensions rise while cheers grow louder.As the novel spirals to a climactic conclusion the reader is thrust into the next volume in the series. This particular book will leave you wanting more. Excellent character and scene, as the previous books in the series have been thus far, and has left me satisfied with the time invested in reading this volume. Very well written. I look forward to the next book and reconnecting with my favorite characters.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today we are Rich by Tim Sanders-Undecided

Billye, the authors adopted parent, always knew what to say when it was needed, instilling confidence and seemed to make a difference in the authors young life. Reading more like the cross between autobiography of the author and a biography of Billye with a collection of quotes and passages from other writers and famous personalities thrown in, the book shifted back and forth between all of them. The author was able to put into practice the lessons and principles that was taught to him from Billye and others and he gives the reader ways to incorporate and apply them to their lives.
The advice on a positive note I learned for example: How to ignore what is bringing you down, how to have a positive mindset. On the flipside for example: I found out how to alienate people and how to pump myself up so I can be better than others. To be honest I would pick this book up and put it down quite a bit not feeling satisfied that it was a good choice for the time spent. I felt that the book did not challenge my faith. I would have given the book 2.5 stars but gave it 3 for effort.
I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but just not at the expense of others.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Look to the East by Maureen Lang

Juliette Toussaint aged 22 is taunted by Claudette de Colville. The Toussaints and Colvilles are at war with each other. Young men are being called into duty in WW1 and Pierre, brother to Juliette, is no exception. During the war soldiers harvested grain taking from the owners of the fields, so the owners would not benefit from the harvest, such is one "crime" in times of war. Charles is trying to stay one step ahead of the German troops. Charles' refuge now belonged to the Germans, who are taking captives, but will his hiding last? A young girl praying in a pew captures Charles' attention. Has he not seen her before? Safety has come in the form of a priest but for how long?A novel that was an ok read, as I did not seem to connect with the characters. The scene and ending worked however. I devour historical fiction but just could not "get into" this novel. I am hoping the next novels in the series are better as I expect they will be.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Apollyon Left Behind #5 My review

Carpathia confronts the two witnesses and was not satisfied with the outcome. Hattie feels unworthy of God's grace for her part in Carpathia's rise to power. The tribulation force plans on staying one step ahead of the danger from global community officials but is that enough? As subzero temperatures engulf the earth and frightening insects terrorize the inhabitants will this bring the people closer to God? Riveting, unpredictable with lots of twists and turns this novel, as the others before it, will keep you on the edge of your seat anticipating the outcome. I have grown quite fond of the characters and look forward to reading the next in the series. So intune for today's world I highly recommend this book. Read the book of Revelation in novel form, it is a fast read, and definately hard to put down, has excellent character and scene development. I as the reader felt I was transported to the different locations in the storyline witnessing the future come to life.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Journey to Riverbend by Henry McLaughlin- Excellent! Loved it!

Michael Archer rides into Riverbend carrying a note addressed to the Sheriff. Michael has one mission, to deliver a message to a father from his son. The father does not think much of religion and has earned a reputation of being shrewd. Upon arriving in Riverbend Michael meets Rachel Stone, and is mesmerized by her. Rachel is staying at the home of the pastor and his family. Both she and Michael are held captive by their pasts. This unique western novel was a thrill to read and it captured my attention from the first chapter. Action + romance + faith = one fantastic hard to put down book! Lots of twists and turns! Excellent character development and scenic imagry, storyline flowed well. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Reason Why:Faith Makes Sense-Thought Provoking

The universe exists but why do we? What is the nature of life? The evidence that God exists is all around us, yet so many do not believe in him, despite the heavens seen and the feeling that a belief in God holds a person accountable. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, which he did out of love for us, but what does his sacrifice mean to us in today's world? The answer to these and others can be found within the pages of this thought provoking book. The book also uses a scientific approach as part of its presentation and includes views from known scientists. I felt the material presented was geared toward the non-Christian looking for direction in his/her life but has valid confirmation for Christians as well. This book being short in length gets to the point quickly listing key points to back up thoughts and questions raised, but you will want to read it slower to absorb the content.

Monday, July 4, 2011

So Long Insecurity You've Been a Bad Friend to Us-Informative and Enjoyable!

What are the key factors of insecurity? How do you confront insecurity issues and how can you break out of different types of insecurity mindsets? The answers to these and other personal insecurity questions can be found within this book.How to help ourselves and one another battle issues, how to recognize problems and to achieve satisfaction from the past and present.This book includes prayers and passages from the bible. A concise, complete volume that can bring the reader out from the pit of insecurity. Quite an eyeopener for me, being informative and enjoyable to read, the author gives sound advice that I can apply in my own life. I recommend this book to others not only for self therapy for themselves, but for understanding others as well who struggle with insecurity.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Foolish Heart by Susan Mae Warren-Would appeal to many

Issy a radio talk show host operates "My Foolish Heart" a daily program where she gives relationship advice to a diverse group of listeners. She sometimes cannot help feeling a pang of jealousy from her callers successes. When her ratings start slipping her talk show is rejuvenated by an instant "popular guest".Caleb Knight is Issy's new next door neighbor who deals with the realization of his past and how others view him. Caleb is vying for a football coaches job left vacated by a former star coach and is finding his competition fierce and very well known. But there is something about the pretty "girl next door" if only he could get to know her. Other characters are brought into the storyline, to round out the novel. The book is creatively fun and at times it tugs at your heart, at times it will have you laughing. This book is part of a series but can easily stand alone. I did connect with the characters and the scene worked well. This novel could be entertaining for gals as well as guys because of the heavy sports writing intermingled with a bit of romance. Not being a fan of sports I felt that some of the novel drug some but overall it was a good read.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soul Harvest Left Behind #4- Held My Interest!

After the devastating earthquake, Nicolae Carpathia seems to be immune to the suffering around him which draws suspicion. Rayford and Buck search for their loved ones among the wreckage and chaos. People are watching events happening while prophecy is beginning to be fulfilled.Belivers can easily idenify one another as the search for others like them begins.The novel is suspenseful and the reader feels drawn into the story. The continuation of familiar characters along with the introduction of new characters in the book brings with it new excitement. Like the first 3 novels in this series, this one also challenged my faith bringing a new understanding of end times prophecy in a novel format. I would recommend this sequel to others as it was enjoyable and enlightening.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Twelfth Imam-Thought Provoking

Charlie and his wife Claire discover that it is very dangerous to be an American in Tehran. Hamid watched as his dying master struggled to remain alive. Allah is in control after all.Najjar witnessed a family being gunned down by masked terrorists, but then the AK 47 was turned on him. With a host of many characters the reader will find the pace easy to keep up with. A suspenseful filled pounding novel of international terrorism proportions that will keep you turning the pages to the end. Excellent character development, dialogue and scene pulled the novel together. I found the overall message inspiring and would recommend this book to others.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven- A book that went from ok to wow!

I had gotten this book in audiobook format that I listened to while driving. The book was written in the voice of Kevin the dad, and Alex the 6 yr old with side notes from different people. While driving Kevin was distracted and he and Alex were involved in a collision. Alex died but was revived then slipped into a coma. Upon waking he was able to recall his experience in heaven and gave reference also to the darker side. As Alex talked about his experiences I found them to be unique, comforting, different and very interesting. The love of Alex by Kevin was very evident throughout the book as was the amount of support the family had. Quite an inspiring journey that Alex had and I hope upon reading or listening as I did that what he had to share will bring more people to Jesus. Very well written! 5 Stars!

Nicolae my review

All seems to be coming into place as Potentate Carpathia begins ruling with an iron fist. The tribulation force joins together to try to win souls while Buck risks his life for a fellow believer. The wailing wall becomes a place of controversy, curiosity and media intervention as two individuals create quite a stir in those left behind while attracting the attention of Carpathia. Another extremely hard to put down novel, the 3rd in the series. If you have not started reading this series as of yet drop the book you are reading and dive in, I highly recommend them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bound by Guilt-Perfect!

Irene and Diego were as close to a family as Roxi has ever known, trouble was they are not the typical kind of family. Traveling in an RV scouting out bookstores stealing rare copies of books to earn a living. Roxi is starting to have second thoughts about their little business. Christy store clerk discovers a collection missing then something goes terribly wrong. Abby a police officer puts her life in jeopardy everyday. When she is notified of a shooting she vowed she would find the perpetrator wherever they were. But what she finds is not what she sought after. A suspenseful invigorating read that I highly recommend a perfect book to spend the afternoon with. A book that kept me plowing through the pages and on the edge of my seat guessing to the end. Took me less than 8 hrs to read it. I was able to follow the story quite well because of the excellent character development. Definately 5 stars well done!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Brotherhood (Precinct 11) my review Jerry B Jenkins author

The novel revolves around the lives of Boone Drake a young officer and wife Nikki with their son Josh and Jack Keller senior officer. Both officers in the Chicago beat partners on 2nd watch. Tragedy struck the life of Boone leaving him with his thoughts and struggles. Upon his return to the police force he aquired arother partner, Garrett Fox and life seemed to become better for Boone as he focused his attention on his job and not on his personal life. But when he got the assignment of a lifetime he found himself staring at the most dangerous face he has ever encountered in his career. But what happens when the fright becomes reality? Novel does drag a little in certain parts but overall an entertaining, enlightening and suspenseful read! Satisfying plot would recommend this book to others.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jesus Lover of a Woman's Soul A Must Read!

Are you hurting, rejected, misunderstood, lonely or just searching for your place in this world? Or do you know someone who is? Reading this book has made a difference in my life and I know it can be for others as well. Buy it for yourself or for a gift or request it from the library as I did. You won't regret it. At one time or another all women have endured or have witnessed prejudice or indifference. This book has shown me that no one is alone and as women Jesus cares so deeply for us. Traditionally women have been left out of personal contributions to the churches. The reader can relate and take something from each chapter even if the title may not apply to you. Each chapter has prayers at the end and bible passages and stories that correspond with the topic being addressed. The reader gains an exclusive glimpse into the lives of other women whose stories are highlighted in the chapters. Very inspiring and comforting I highly recommend this to others.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tribulation Force Great Sequel!

The name of Nicolae Carpathia becomes more well known as he tries to unite the world into one government and religion. His opposition comes in the form of The Tribulation Force consisting of Rayford, Chloe, Bruce and Buck. Deals are struck with Carpathia and people seem to be following him blindly. Will The Tribulation Force be able to have an impact on stopping the doom that has fallen on Earth? As the second in the series I found it to be more intense than the first as each so far has me reading into the night. Suspense, drama, inspiration and thought provoking this book has it all! I highly recommend this book!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love this book!

A friend of mine told me some time ago that I needed to read this series and now I understand why! So perfect for this time in the world's history. Rayford a pilot for Pan Continental married to Irene has now focused his attention on his flight attendant Hattie Durham who is much younger than he is. Cameron (Buck) Williams journalist, a rising star in the writing world, aboard a flight Rayford and Hattie are serving. Buck is known for capturing the world in words and one of his greatest pieces involves his now friend Dr Rosenzweig an inventor whose purpose is to make Israel the most profitable country on earth. During the flight passengers vanish while in air causing Hattie, Buck and Rayford and the other passengers that are left behind wondering what had happened the only things remaining from the disappeared passengers are their clothes and personal belongings. Upon landing they discover other people missing including family members, friends and others too numerous to count. Rayford is led to the church of his wife and meets Bruce, one of those left behind. Together they search for truth and answers. Excellent character development and dialogue make this book the start of an must read series. This book took me about 10 hours to read and went very fast. It held my attention to the end and I am eager to read the next book in the series. I was challenged in my faith and was entertained. I would recommend this book to others.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Enlightening and Inspiring

Dr. Levy, a California neurosurgeon, recalls his conversations with his patients in the exam room before entering into their surgery. Good rapport with a patient is a necessary part of the surgery process, and, with the element of adding prayer, can make a profound difference in the few moments before surgery and can add calm and peace to an otherwise tense situation. I found this book very enlightening and although it was about another peoples lives I thought about my own while I was reading and was able to apply some of the advice he encouraged his patients to practice and I too felt a sense of peace. What is truly remarkable about this surgeon is that he went outside of the box and the medical "comfort zone" with his patients, prayer with a patient is a practice which I feel is sorely lacking in the medical field. This doctor is a medical professional who considers the health and soul of a patient and strives to make a difference. The message of this book is quite inspiring and uplifting and I highly recommend it to others.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sons of Encouragement a review

This book encompasses the lives of 5 important men in the history of Christianity and helped to shape the time as it was then. #1 Aaron (The Priest) Aaron the brother of Moses was the chief priest and who helped Moses lead God's chosen people from bondage to safety and away from the hands of Pharoah. Aaron heard God's voice but was despised by the people who thought him to be a traitor.#2 Caleb (The Warrior) Caleb rallied around Joshua, increasing his faith and confidence to lead the people after the death of Moses. Caleb's leadership abilities did not go unnoticed. #3 Saul (The Prince) Honor is important to him and he is concerned with pleasing of his men, however in the midst of battle one cannot discredit their enemies. Sauls son Jonathan sees much and he is God fearing. He (Jonathan) joins forces with David. After David's marriage to Michal Saul becomes violent.#4 Amos (The Prophet) Amos was a shepherd carer of lambs and goats who felt cheated by the temple. Joram the temple overseer was interested in amassing great wealth through wool. God helped Amos and showed him a vision of what is to come. Amos kept his faith strong but he was bullied by others who were oblivious of what was to come. #5 Silas (The Scribe) Secretary to Peter, Silas could write as well as speak both Hebrew and Greek fluently. He spoke of being present when Jesus taught and was eyewitness to the crucifixion.
Watching these men "come alive" through the writing of Ms. Rivers was quite enjoyable as I was transported to another time period. My favorites were Amos and Saul. I recommend this series to others as these are novellas which can each be read in a sitting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Her Daughter's Dream a review

Hildie becomes ill and Marta(Oma) comes to stay with the family while Hildie is sick. Marta and Carolyn become very close, so close it creates problems between Hildie and Marta resulting in Marta returning home leaving Carolyn. Whithout Marta Carolyn is lost and she feels and turns to Charlie her brother to comfort her. When the family relocates Carolyn has trouble fitting in, but soon finds out what can happen when someone acts out of desperation. Hildie then starts working again and like her mother before her she is always gone and not home when her children need her the most. Years pass and with it war comes bringing tragedy and Carolyn clinging to her thoughts withdraws deeper within herself. Thoughts have a way of grabbing you and not wanting to let go and whether Carolyn wished them to or not some things always have a way of coming to the surface. After the birth of Mayflower Dawn "Dawn" Carolyns life seems to be coming together. As Dawn grows up she becomes strong in her faith. This novel comes full circle covering a span of over 30 years. A poinant story of love, loss and tragedy that is quite lengthy so do not expect to finish it in a few hours.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Review of Beneath The Night Tree Excellent!

At age 24 Julia loves taking pictures capturing the world through the lens of her camera. She and her brother Simon 10, and her son Daniel 5 live with Grandma Nellie on the DeSmit farm. Her boyfriend Michael speaks of future plans and asking her to leave all she knows behind but Julia realizes that Simon and Daniel have a stake in this too. After all what would her life be like without the 3 of them? When she was on her computer going through her email she came across a message which causes her to remember the past she has tried so hard to forget. What will happen with the email and how will it impact the relationships she now has? Not having read the first two in the series I have to say that I was able to become attached to the characters right away and feel that the novel stands alone. An excellent novel that I throughly enjoyed and I would recommend it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Imaginary Jesus-inspiring

Matt does not have your ordinary everyday life experiences. He is in search of Jesus and is counteracted by a bunch of imaginary Jesuses. Everywhere he looks Jesus takes the form of hippie Jesus, Eightball Jesus, politican Jesus just to name a few, and along the way he meets some unusual and interesting characters each with their own stories and goals. In his search how will he know who is the real Jesus? This is a very creative, engaging, and thought provoking book seeming to be the perfect balance between ficion and nonfiction and after the conclusion of the book I felt very satisfied and challenged in my faith. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted, entertaining and inspiring read. I thoughly enjoyed it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pompeii City on Fire by TL Higley A most unforgetable and hard to put down novel!

Journey to the ancient city of Pompeii and witness corruption and evil firsthand brought to life through the eyes of a most gifted author! Stroll through lucious grape orchards thriving in the black soil made rich by the Vesuvius, walk into courtyards and gaze at frescos that illuminate the walls, witness and cheer great battles in the arena without ever leaving your chair! Thrilling and page turning along with excellent character development make this book unforgetable and a must read for the summer. Follow the lives of Cato and Ariella as they battle against the forces that threaten to destroy them and the ones they hold most dear. I highly recommend this book and perhaps you will find that you will not be able to put it down either.