Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love this book!

A friend of mine told me some time ago that I needed to read this series and now I understand why! So perfect for this time in the world's history. Rayford a pilot for Pan Continental married to Irene has now focused his attention on his flight attendant Hattie Durham who is much younger than he is. Cameron (Buck) Williams journalist, a rising star in the writing world, aboard a flight Rayford and Hattie are serving. Buck is known for capturing the world in words and one of his greatest pieces involves his now friend Dr Rosenzweig an inventor whose purpose is to make Israel the most profitable country on earth. During the flight passengers vanish while in air causing Hattie, Buck and Rayford and the other passengers that are left behind wondering what had happened the only things remaining from the disappeared passengers are their clothes and personal belongings. Upon landing they discover other people missing including family members, friends and others too numerous to count. Rayford is led to the church of his wife and meets Bruce, one of those left behind. Together they search for truth and answers. Excellent character development and dialogue make this book the start of an must read series. This book took me about 10 hours to read and went very fast. It held my attention to the end and I am eager to read the next book in the series. I was challenged in my faith and was entertained. I would recommend this book to others.

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