Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Attracted to Fire by DiAnn Mills- Entertaining


Sometimes your friends are not who you think they are.

Ash and Meghan, are but two Special Agents assigned to keep the Vice President's daughter Lindsay out of trouble. Lindsay has some questionable issues and is trying to get her life together. Her parents have struggled to maintain control over their daughter, but knowing Lindsay could be dangerous. Lindsay's sister is a total opposite of her, instilling jealousy and insecurity, which does not help Lindsay's shortcomings. Someone is trying to eliminate Lindsay and her family, and with death all around them who will be next?

Romance, action, suspense and drama highlight this interesting read. It took me awhile to be captured into the storyline, but once I connected with the characters and what was happening in the novel it soon became a very fast paced and promising read. This is the first suspense non western book I have read from the author and it won't be the last. Dialogue seemed real and characters were personable. Twists and turns, high action and excellent ending were entertaining and I will recommend this book to others.

The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer- Great High Adventure!

The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

Within a time of strife and unrest can an element of bravery, trust and faith be enough to successfully withstand the unknown that lie ahead?

In the year 1312, Thomas, an orphan, who is raised in an abbey from a young age, longs to claim the power which belonged only to the King. When Thomas is sent on a quest to the castle of Magnus along with three others, Thomas discovers each possesses their own well kept secrets. The kingdom must be conquered but there are many dangerous obstacles that will challenge the fortitude of the strongest. Is it possible to capture an area in unknown terrain against the many who loyally protect their territory or will the four be forever silenced?

From the start of the book the storyline offers a high adventure of action, chivalry, knights, swordplay and danger that will satisfy and keep the pages flying. The author has the ability to place the reader into the story themselves witnessing all that is happening around them. Secrets revealed, turns, well flowing dialogue, unexpected ending, and well developed characters keep the story alive with absolutely no dull parts. I was highly entertained and will recommend this faith inspiring, hard to put down book to others! Well written 5 stars! I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


A Plain and Simple Heart by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith- Plenty of Fun!

    book title front

Convinced she is of age to marry, Rebecca has her heart set on English cowboy Jesse, who still has some growing up to do. Although it has been four years since she has seen him she is determined to find him and win his heart.
Colin Maddox, sheriff finds that keeping peace and fairness in the small town of Lawrence, Kansas to be a challenging feat indeed.
When Rebecca arrives in Lawrence she is mistaken for another. Will she be convincing of her true identity? Can she find the one whose name has circled her heart or will another pierce it instead?

Romance, plenty of humorous moments, suspense, courtroom drama, fiesty outlaws and just plain old fun is what the reader can expect to find within the pages of this extremely hard to put down book. I loved the town of Lawrence, the descriptive scenery, easy to follow dialogue and smooth flowing plot with absolutely no dull parts, kept the story moving. I connected with the characters right away, well developed and believable. I really cannot name a fav character since all of them qualify for top spot. I was highly entertained by this faith inspiring novel. Although part of a series this book can be a stand alone novel as well. I highly recommend this book to others, you will not be disappointed! Thanks to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC for my review. 5 Stars!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grumble Hallelujah by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira- My Review


This is a book that addresses grief, the processes, identifying it and handling it as well as other different issues. Getting rid of heartbreak, for example, in our lives while bring in nourishment for strengthing our faith. Also contained within the authors experiences with grief, life and everything in between, also has ways of addressing the readers own grumble issues; hallelujah prayers and questions for reflection and discussion after each chapter.

Upbeat, modern, humorous and beneficial is how I would describe Grumble Hallelujah. I feel it would be a book befitting a person suffering from grief, especially a young person. Some of the author's suggestions have merit, there are points addressed in this book that she elaborates on. Being very honest, the author discusses in detail her faults and shortcomings letting the reader know that they are not the only ones who are going through difficult times. The book is divided into different sections, the reader can decide which part is more suiting to their needs, part three was most helpful to me which addresses jealousy, competition and judgement. Overall I did enjoy this book. 3 Stars

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers- Unforgettable


A parent seeking grace from the past, a current flame smothered by hatred and greed.
A faithful friend never faltering, never failing and always putting love on the back burner.
Dynah Carey, college student and waitress at Stanton Manor House becomes the victim of a violent crime. Her faith begins to falter and she begins to doubt God's grace and love. Can she find the understanding she seeks? Will forgiveness fill her broken heart?

The author pens an unforgettable journey of realistic proportions. Heartbreak, indecision, grace and love fill the pages of this memorable novel. Original, believable and interesting characters with fitting storyline and plot will keep you reading. Her stories never disappoint, guaranteeing the reader an entertaining and hard to put down book. Loved the ending. I will recommend this very well written novel to others.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt by Christi Paul- A Much Needed Book for Today


The true life story of the author's marriage to an emotionally draining and abusive husband. Isolated from her family and friends she was drawn to him by his charming yet tempering personality. Challenges and dangers she faced at his hand led her to make sensible decisions on the quest of finding something meaningful and precious in her life. Through it all God is faithful and true.

My heart went out to the author for what she had endured. The choices she made has lessons and sound advice for all who are living with abuse. An eyeopening must read book, so needed today, will cause the reader to recognize personality traits and habits and know how to avoid them before making livelong decisions. Thanks to the author for having the courage to get her story out so that others may benefit. Well written!

Dry As Rain by Gina Holmes- My Review


Eric Yoshida, manager at a car dealership, has been married to Kyra for 20 years. He awoke to the reality of a failed marriage, one that was supposed to last a lifetime. When Kyra is the victim of an accident and her memory lapses from the time spent apart from Eric, he begins to think that maybe this is a blessing. Can love be renewed or will it just fade?

What a fantastic and realistic novel! I loved every minute spent reading and digging deeper into the characters lives and situations. I was highly entertained and found this novel to be impossible to break away from, but when I did have to leave it for a short period of time, I couldnt wait to continue and see what happens to the characters. From the beginning I was glued to the pages. Well formed and interesting characters, exciting storyline and ending. Romance, deception, heartbreak and compassion at its best. I will highly recommend this well written novel to others.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bees in the Butterfly Garden by Maureen Lang- This book has it all!


Sometimes the mind speaks for the heart playing and replaying what it must.

Meg Davenport, has a gift for landscape design. A student at Marisse's boarding school Meg was enrolled by her father when she was young to be groomed into a proper young lady. When she learns about the sudden death of her father, whom she has not been afforded the chance to know well, she feels compelled to travel back home.
Ian Maguire, a partner with Meg's father from the time he was but a boy, had become the object of Meg's fathers attention. When Meg sees him for the first time in many years, she remembered his eyes, so different from her own.
Secrets are told and plans are made. Meg's effort to join her father's partners goes terribly wrong leaving danger in its wake.

This novel has all the makings of a great book, greed, heartbreak, deception and romance. My heart went out to Meg from what she had endured. I was drawn easily into the character's lives, their distinct personalities, voice and surroundings. For me this was a quick read that I easily found I could not put down once I connected with the storyline. I was highly entertained by this well written faith challenging book! The twists were a pleasant surprise! I look forward to the next book in the series! 5 Stars!

The Chasm by Randy Alcorn- Unlike anything I have ever read

                                                                         The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

An unreachable destination called Charis is a musical city of light that has the ability to draw whomever sees it.
Nick Seagrave on a quest to find the truth, encounters others along his journey. Battling unthinkable obstacles and unfriendly terrain Nick experiences feelings, terror and the like which cannot mimic anything he has felt and witnessed prior. Will he reach his goal or will he be purposely detained?

This book is unlike anything I have read up to this point. Visions, terror, warfare that is kind of sci-fi with a strong faith component expertly woven throughout. Although this is but a short book there is alot to read within its pages, also has pen drawings that enhance the storyline. Many times I had to stop and reread to stay in focus and understanding. A very deep, creative, thought provoking and unique novel that will grab you and get you to wondering "what if?". Dialogue flowed well, I could just see the characters interacting with one another and scenery was very discriptive, which added to the novel. I did not encounter any dull parts throughout. I was entertained, challenged in my faith and found the overall message to be very inspiring. I will recommend this well written novel to others.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Cause Within You by George Barna- A Book about Life, Grace and Encouragement


The author, who is a pastor of a megachurch founded a ministry known as the Dream Center which helped to fix broken lives. Learning from experiences from being on the street, the author discovers the reality, the horror, the humiliation and the heartbreak of what life is like on the other side of the tracks. How to treat others with love and respect no matter where they lay their hat. He had found his cause. God has a plan and a cause for each of us. Alot of information about the Dream Center ministry, what they do, how they help people in the immediate sense and later down the road. Included are stories of the struggles of others in finding their way and purpose under the loving direction of God.

I really enjoyed reading about the author's experiences from life on the streets and the people he met on his journey along the way. This is a book about encouragement, life, grace and reality. I was entertained by this well flowing book and challenged in my faith. I would recommend this book to others.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Relentless Pursuit by Ken Gire- My Review

Relentless Pursuit, Ken Gire, 978-0-7642-0883-6

We all know what an outsider is, he or she may be you or someone you know or have seen. All of us desire to fit in somewhere. The author speaks of his life in detail as well as other's stories, some of them historically significant. Poetry along with ancient writings and bible passages are included.

I found that I learned some in reading and studying this book in detail. This is a new author to me, and I will go back and search for other books he has written as I know that there are quite a few. Although seasoned Christians would find this book helpful, I really believe this to be a wonderful tool for a new Christian or someone who is not as familiar with biblical stories and passages (could be a supplimentary starting point read along with the bible). I did enjoy reading about the stories of others about being outsiders themselves, some were very inspirational. I would recommend this book to others especially new Christians. I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers for my review.

Abba Calling by Charles Slagle- Connect with God Letter Style!


  • Abba Calling

This book is done in the style of loving letters from Father to child, one for each day of the year. Errected from bible verses which are redone creatively giving encouragement, lessons and tenderness as only a father can talk to his child. Letters talk about for example: comparison, love, aging and laughter and are only but a few of the many qualities and points written about.

I really enjoyed connecting with God through these letters which are designed to be read one a day. This book it seems to me took quite awhile to write as alot of thought and love went into it. I found the overall message to be quite inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this well written book to others. My review is based on the free ebook that was given to me by the publisher.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Betrayal by Jerry B Jenkins- Fast Moving Police Drama


Boone Drake detective in the Gang Enforcement section of Chicago Police Department has always been self sufficient.
Haley finds herself in a tough situation. Will she be able to escape the trap that has been set?
When a sting operation set against a notorious gang goes down it is brother against brother. When the Chicago PD is betrayed by possibly one of their own it becomes apparent that the danger is more real than ever thought possible.

I really enjoyed this police action/drama with a touch of romance. A fast moving novel that will keep you reading and on the edge of your seat. Dialogue seemed realistic, character development was strong and I found it to be entertaining. The overall message was inspiring and I would recommend this book to others.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trusting God by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, Mary Southerland- Faith Affirming!


Trusting God: A Girlfriend's in God Faith Adventure is divided into twelve weeks, with five day mini chapters contained into each week, the sixth day being "Now it's your turn time for reflection." Many life stories from the authors and others of different topics are in each mini chapter, along with bible passages that coordinate, stories and creative prayers, and journaling to compose and list your own thoughts.

What I loved about this book is the way it is presented, a down to earth and loving read, and told in a way your best girlfriend (who understands how you feel) would talk to you. I connected with all of the authors but have one I felt more connected with. I took my time in reading, reflecting and journaling this book. Helpful was Now its your turn which offered questions and quizzes for personal assessment. This is a very faith affirming and inspiring read. I was highly entertained and would recommend this well written book to others. Do yourself a favor and spend some time knowing how to Trust God with your girlfriends! I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad- Series just keeps getting better!


Soldier Tyler Stone newly released from Special Ops has mixed feelings about being back in Dry Creek. His family welcomes him happily but every family keeps its secrets.
Angelina Brighton has a hard time believing Tyler is still alive since beginning to plan a memorial in his honor. She has had quite a few suitors in high school and over the years but can an old flame still kindle a few sparks?

Romance, strong family ties, cowboys, tenderness and secrets offer readers a sweet story with some laugh aloud moments! Strong characters and interesting dialogue keep the story moving and alive. I was entertained by this inspiring and faith challenging read and would recommend the book to others. Thanks to the author who provided a complimentary copy to me for my review.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Jesus Experiment by Bill Perkins- Inspiring!


What would it take to become more like Jesus?
Following a 12 week course this book gives guidelines to the some of the following topics: how to follow Jesus in prayer, procrastination, Jesus loved difficult people, dealing with temptation and how to break the cycle, what Jesus said, how he must have felt and the temptations he faced and so many more! The book also contains the stories and experiences of others. I especially loved "A Christmas Story".

Before I started reading The Jesus Experiment I admit I did not know what the book would entail, but upon reading was pleasantly surprised as to how the book could change a person's thinking. Especially helpful for me was what Jesus did, thought and felt and the opinions of the author and realized how my shortcomings can affect my life and those around me. Many inspiring stories are written (the author's included) that can be inspirations to us all. Well written, well done, highly recommend and a must for every Christian library! I was inspired and challenged in my faith.

Hunter's Prize by Marcia Gruver- Entertaining!

Young Cedric Whitfield (nickname Ceddy) is a bit of a challenge to all who encounter him. His Aunt Jane Beale accompanies Ceddy from Pretoria, South Africa to Texas.
Pearson Foster and Theo Bernardi fellow treasure hunters are in search of the gold from past shipwrecks and a known legend.
Addie McRae (daughter to Tiller and Mariah McRae) took on the care and guidance of Ceddy in place of Jane. Can Addie break the silence that surrounds her?
Could love be dawning on the horizon willing to capture a treasure for the heart?

Always entertaining describes what you can expect from the authors novels and this one is no exception. Although most of the characters and situations are different from the previous other two in the series it could qualify as a perfect stand alone novel. The storyline is a combination of romance and suspense with a few twists. Dialogue and scenery were well executed in this inspiring read. I was able to connect with the well developed characters and would recommend this book to others! Thanks to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Love in Disguise by Carol Cox- Enjoyable until the last page!

Love in Disguise, Carol Cox, 978-0-7642-0955-0

Ellie Moore personal wardrobe mistress to actress Magdalena Cole dreams of being an stage actress herself. But when Magdalena heads off to Europe, an unfortunate chain of events leaves Ellie behind in Chicago.
Steven Pierce used his resources in the mining of silver, but when that venture turned costly he wondered who he could trust.
When Ellie is given a trial employment with the Pinkertons she leaves Chicago to unfamiliar Arizona. Equipped with a few ideas of her own she finds a true fit to her life. But could she "pull off" the best disguise even at the risk of her own life?

Romance, danger, and mystery combine expertly in this novel that will keep you reading and burning the midnight oil. Well developed, entertaining and interesting characters, realistic scenery and the ability to place yourself in the adventure makes this an enjoyable read until the last page. I was entertained, challenged in my faith and will recommend this book to others. Well done!

She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice- Beneficial and Relevant


What are your biggest challenges?
Do you have issues?
How do others see you?
How do you see yourself?
This book focuses in depth on 5 main issues that most women struggle with, along with helpful suggestions and explainations written in a counselor's voice. Women's stories and authors included are brought into the chapters to show how others can identify with the issues being presented and what they have gone through. Also how Jesus fits into all of our issues and challenges (short comings). Included are personal assessments and self evaluation questions with group answers, prayers and topics for group discussions.

The target audience is women. Some chapters I was able to relate to, others not so much. Each reader can pick and choose which issues, or all of them, she feels needs addressing in her life. The assessment questions were beneficial in addressing my issues. I found this to be a very faith inspiring book and would recommend this book to others.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Planting Veggies and other plants in this heat and in July? Absolutely!!!

My local garden center is having their annual half price sale that started last week and as usual I could not resist purchasing some extra tomatoes, peppers and herbs for my garden. The temperatures are now in the upper 90's and into the 100's. I planted them last week and doused them with Miracle Grow Quick Start transplant solution for shock. I prayed over them because they can sure use a prayer boost although they did look beautiful and lush in the pots!!! When I checked on them the next morning they were all drooping and sulking badly. So I got some newspaper that was already folded drenched it and dripping with water from the hose, placed it around the base of the plants right up to the stems and put more water on it so with these temperatures outside in the sun they soil stayed moist and they have now taken root and look beautiful!!! I have watered the newspaper around them every other day or so as needed. That is my suggestion for planting in the heat of the summer!! Happy Gardening!!!

The Gifted by Ann H. Gabhart- I loved peering into the world of the Shakers!

Gifted, The, Ann H. Gabhart, 978-0-8007-3455-8

The people of White Oak Springs, a town of parasols and ruffled dresses, are in contrast, so different from the Shakers who inhabit Harmony Hill.
Jessamine notices quickly and is warned of the strange ways of the outsiders, but she is drawn to a world unlike the one she grew up in.
Annie is practical and is not at all curious about the people who lie on the other side of hers.
When Jessamine and Annie find an injured man in the woods while hunting berries, they discover that he brings reality to the unknown beyond their reach.
The Quakers sheltering themselves from the world and worldly desires leaves Jessamine to question all she has known.
Will Jessamine be able to hold onto the values and ways that encompass the Quaker faith or will a taste of what could lie on the other side drive her from their tenacious grasp?

I was highly entertained by this captivating, uplifting and dangerous romantic read. A real page turner until the end that promises twists and turns, whispers in the darkness, aching of the heart and a fantastic conclusion, I will highly recommend this well written book. With characters I connected with, no dull parts, believable scenery and original dialogue I found it challenged my faith and anxiously await the author's next novel! 5 Stars!!!!
“Available July 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.” I received a complimentary copy from Revell for my review.

                                                                  Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of several novels,  including Words Spoken True, Angel Sister, The Outsider, The Believer, The Seeker, The Blessed, and The Gifted. She lives with her husband a mile from where she was born in rural Kentucky.

Enough by Will Davis, Jr- Made Sense to Me!

Enough, Will Davis Jr., 978-0-8007-2002-5

Does your list of "wants" keep growing?
How do you know when you have enough?
And if you do feel you have enough how do you stop acquiring more stuff?
Some points I found to be extremely helpful were: find out about money and possessions, knowing when to stop accumulating, what does the bible say about "stuff", and also the 30 second test (which gave me an awareness of what I had). These and so many more useful topics and suggestions along with biblical passages that coordinate with the points being addressed are included for study and reflection. Our materialistically rich society could absolutely benefit from reading and applying, into their lives, a book like this!

I feel this book could be helpful to everyone, and as I found out, while embarking on my own journey to live with less, and as I devoured the realistic content and anxiously turned the pages it all started to make sense to me. Fully relying and trusting in God I found myself looking around my home for items to give away (making several piles) to enrich others lives. Quite the keeper book, well written, entertaining and honest, to return to again if stuff ever seems to get out of hand, and to perhaps pass on to others who can benefit from reading it themselves. I highly recommend this inspiring and faith challenging book to others. 5 Stars!
"Available July 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group." I received a complimentary copy from Revell for my review.

Will Davis Jr. (DMin, Southwestern Seminary) is the founding and senior pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church in Austin, Texas. He is the author of Pray Big, Pray Big for Your Marriage, Pray Big for Your Child, Why Faith Makes Sense, and 10 Things Jesus Never Said. An avid hiker, mountain-biker, and water-skier, Davis and his wife, Susie, have three children and live in Austin, Texas. For more information about Will and his blog, visit http://willdavisjr.com.