Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dare to Love Again by Julie Lessman - Entertaining!

In a given moment can the heart maintain its safety?

Allison McClare, new spunky English and Drama teacher for the Hand of Hope School for girls seems to know exactly what she wants in life.

Detective Nick Barone gets more than he bargained for with Allison. Sent to help fix up the school is challenging as his faith needs a bit of polishing.

When Allisons trusting nature is tested at the hands of those who wish her harm a solution has to be reached
Can two independent souls join forces despite uncommon odds with each other?

I enjoyed this humorous and romantic historical read. A fresh story that introduces many unique characters into the lineup. Descriptive and colorful scenery and engaging plot kept my attention and kept me turning the pages ensuring me of no dull or broken parts. This is a novel I believe that would attract a more female audience. Well written and enjoyable.  I received a complementary copy from Revell Publishing for this blog tour. 


Julie Lessman

Julie Lessman is an award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston series and the Winds of Change series The recipient of 14 Romance Writers of America awards, as well as many other accolades, Lessman was chosen as the #1 Romance Fiction Author of the Year in the Family Fiction magazine 2011 and 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. She resides in Missouri with her family. You can contact Julie through her website at www.julielessman.com.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Burning Sky by Lori Benton-
My Review

At times the heart cannot accept closure. Willa, as a young girl, captured and taken hostage by the Mohawk Indians, is caught between two worlds. Neil, in need of more than her doctoring finds when he does not search for. The loyalties Willa has developed with her Indian family and the past intertwines with her new older familiarities and the life she now lives. She keeps within her spirit a reserve despite the persistence of several men vying for her attention. With a difficult decision looming within her heart the question is, which life path will she choose and how will it impact her future? I enjoyed this novel for the historical value, while descriptive scenery peppers the storyline and connectable characters kept me reading along, I would have enjoyed the novel more if it contained more details of the Mohawk lifestyle and how it impacted her when she was younger. For the most part the storyline did not shift from present to past abruptly, nor did it contain broken or hung parts, but it was rather lengthy and slow at times. Towards the last quarter of the book the action picked up and kept me reading hence the three star rating rather than a lesser one. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.