Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quaker Christmas 4-in-1 Collection by L. Bliss, R. Cecil, R. Phillips, C. Sanders- Four Quaker Families Open Their Homes and Hearts With Others!

Mary is leary of Silas who is not respectful of their Quaker ways and beliefs, but can they each come to a mutual understanding?

Will feels responsible for a fatal accident that claimed the life of his best friend, Alan. Can Alan's widow Lucinda accept what was and look ahead to what is yet to become?

Some say the River Pirates are a legend of the past, while others believe they still rule the waters and land. Henry longs to escape from his questionable lifestyle. When Henry rescues a woman who has fallen into the water his priorities take on a new promise. Each possesses a different belief and way of life but can the two successfully blend their future?

For Susanna, the wife of an Underground Railroad Abolitionist, life can be lonely indeed for the times when Nathan is away. When a runaway slave shows up at her door one cold night looking for a way to escape the injustices of the South, Susanna is given an opportunity to make a difference and to prove her equality.

Using authentic language of the Quaker Friends in conversations added to the charm of these novellas. It did take some getting used the language used in the beginning of reading but I soon got lost in them! I enjoyed them all but my favorites were: Pirate of My Heart and Equally Yoked. The suspense was gripping! The overall messages are inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I highly recommend these well written novellas!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Biltmore Christmas 4-in-1 Collection by Diane T Ashley, Aaron McCarver, Sylvia Barnes, Rhonda Gibson, Jeri ODell- Heartwarming Christmas Novellas!

Four sisters, four Christmas adventures at the Biltmore Estates:Charity, learns how to properly care for a horse while snagging the attention of Clay.Selma, working as a chambermaid catches the eye of Jacob who is popular among the ladies.Peggy, creator of delicious treats and assistant to the pastry chef finds more than honey on a trip to see a gardener.Melissa, whose talents excell in the mechanical field grinds the heart of Ned an entrepreneur.

I enjoy reading these kinds of stories, each one different and unique, yet each one successfully tying the characters together. The book can be read in one sitting or in several. This book blends four charming stories of haves and have nots that will capture your heart and hold your attention from a team of talented authors. I was entertained and challenged in my faith and found the overall message inspiring. I would recommend this book for the coming holiday season.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Encounter- A Lifechanging Film!

Five people, some of whom are strangers to one another, driving on a dangerously stormy night end up together at a diner. What happens will change their lives from this night forward. I found this movie based on the many positive reviews. This is one fantastically well made, thought provoking, creative, emotionally inspiring and lifechanging film that has the ability to prompt the viewer to evaluate themselves on a more spiritual level. I felt a connection with the characters very early in the movie and I feel it to be deserving of more than 5 stars. Excellent in every way! I was challenged in my faith. A definite must see movie that I very highly recommend for everyone and especially for those who have fallen away from Jesus and his love!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Torn by Jud Wilhite- Recommended!

This book offers hope when hurting, peace from the earth's trials and love from the only one who can ease pain, God. I learned so much from this book and I took my time in reading it so the author's words and thoughts could sink in and I could reflect on what I had read. The personal life stories contained within this well written book tear at your heart and I realized that my life has not been as difficult as what others have endured. This book brings understanding and truth that no matter what happens you are not alone and that suffering is just not for one alone, that God and others can help. Each chapter and section contained something that I was able to personally benefit from or help others with, topics such as: learning to trust, handling depression, guilt, shame, anger and how to forgive, all relevant to everyone. Book also includes an extensive study guide. I highly recommend this book to all who are hurting or who want to be a help to others who are torn and hurting. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Courageous by Randy Alcorn- Action, Action and More Action!

This book revolves around the lives of four men, all officers of the law and their families. Other characters enhance this fast paced story. Nathan, a transfer to Albany GA, Adam, David, a rookie, and Shane. Each man realizes that sometimes being a father holds more challenges than being a police officer, each learns what it takes to be a better father and in his own way. Derrick, wants to prove to gang leader TJ, that he has what it takes to be a member of the Gangster Nation. Javier, looking to find a permanent place in the workforce, quickly becomes an ally to the team. Tragedies are a part of every officers job and life but when it encompasses one of their own all pull together in support of the one.
Action from the very first chapter pulled me in and kept me there. Suspense, drama, high action, tear at the heart moments and comedy as well meshed together and made these characters come alive on the page and seem very real as I was reading the novel. Excellent character development, dialogue, description and scene all worked well. I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I would recommend this excellent novel to others. I now look forward to watching the movie!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness by Michael J Sullivan- Quite An Amazing Story!!!

I was searching recently for a different kind of book, one that is faithfilled, kind of science fiction, yet original and brings Jesus into the picture. After reading this books synopsis and digging into the book's first chapters I knew I had chosen a good one to spend the day with.

Michael, a single parent is trying to raise his daughter Elizabeth, now a teenager alone, his wife Vicky had passed away during the baby's birth. Assisting the priest one night Michael and Elizabeth happen upon a tunnel at the church and find themselves walking into the 1st century Jerusalem in the time of Christ. They were looked upon as foreigners, their dress and language calling attention to themselves by the Roman soldiers and other bystanders. Michael and Elizabeth feel they must speak out against the atrocities they are witness to. They soon find out that defending someone in 1st century can sometimes produce harsh consequences. They are taken in by a kindly woman named Leah. She teaches them about her culture and way of life. While in Jerusalem Michael looks for a way to change the outcomes of events he knows that will happen, but yet knowing they must find their way back home somehow. The novel also expertly blends Michael's past when he was younger so the reader can get to know his character more in depth.

This novel was quite an amazing story that will hold the readers attention throughout the book! History, suspense, drama and creativity are smoothly blended along with a twist ending in this well written first novel. Characters are well developed, plot, dialogue, description and scenery all work well as there are no dull parts. I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Sullivan in the future! I highly recommend this book to others. Very Well Written!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Journey To Christmas DVD- Unforgettable!

Embark on a 20 day journey along with 5 people in search of the true meaning of Christmas. Drew, Dusty, Rory, Nazreth and Kim all from different spiritual and family backgrounds arrive in Israel equipped with a knowledgeable and interesting group guide as they discover ancient sites surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. Learn with them the history of Christmas on this creative interactive experience. Catch rare glimpses and footage of the Holy Land, complete with breathtaking scenery and spellbinding musical accompaniment.

With all of the commercialism associated with the Christmas season these days, it is comforting and refreshing to find a film that actually digs deeper to find the true meaning of Christmas. In all honesty, this is the most unique presentation I have seen, it stirred my emotions, and I know I will not be able to forget it for a long time. I was mesmerized by the scenery, captivated by the places they visited, challenged by the main characters honest interaction with each other and inspired by the many people they encountered along the way. I believe this film series has the ability to turn sceptics into believers!

I highly recommend this DVD series for the coming holiday season to everyone. I was highly entertained and challenged in my faith. The overall message was inspiring. Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this DVD for my review.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble- This is one must read book!

Eden Larson and Clay Larson have been apart for 5 years since the disappearance of their baby daughter Brianna. Eden is having dinner with her boyfriend of 1 year when Clay finds her and tells her that Brianna is alive and is at a ranch for children in Texas. Eden and Clay venture from Indiana to Texas posing as a married couple to apply for positions as counselors at the ranch in order to locate and find Brianna. Any one of the young girls staying there could be Brianna, or not any of them. Clay and Eden quickly settle in and plan to find out the answers one way or another. Danger awaits the couple and the ranch in this non-stop suspense thriller! New experiences, new dreams, past memories forever seer into their hearts. Will there be a rekindling of the past for Eden and Clay? Will they find the one they search for?
This book is well rounded, peppered with drama, and just enough romance, suspense and fun to make this one hard to put down read! I was entranced from the first chapter and could not stop until the last one! Excellent character development, dialogue, description and scenery, book flowed excellently and held my attention! I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I will highly recommend this book to others! Very well written! Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers and Netgalley for ARC copy for my review.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

By The Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer- Catch A Glimpse of History!

Quentin, who has seen much in his life and as of lately is now in great need. When a stranger hands him a boarding pass aboard the Titanic, promise and chance has given him an opportunity to make a change in his life.
Amelia is amazed of what the Titanic has to offer its passengers. Traveling with her Aunt Neda they leave all behind to venture to America to meet Mr Chapman the man she has been corresponding with. Amelia's heart always looking to help a person in need, her unselfishness not going unnoticed.
Damien, the son of wealthy businessman Clarence Walpole, does not expect to find aboard the Titanic what he has long given up. He is looking to find the girl of his dreams. He has everything money can buy, but could he "buy" the one he longs for most?
A well reseached and well crafted novel of happiness, heartbreak, forgiveness and darkness are tied together in one impossible to put down book. Peer into the lives and hearts of these realistic characters and journey with them aboard a great ship on it's ill-fated maiden voyage. Stories and accounts about Titanic has captured the attention and hearts of so many over the years. This book brings this time to life along with very descriptive, charming and fulfilling scenery. A romantic and suspenseful read that will keep you reading until the end! Plot, character development, dialogue, description and scenery all mesh together expertly making this an inspiring read one I won't forget anytime soon! I recommend this novel to everyone as we near the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking to catch a glimpse of history!! Thanks so much to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Setting Boundaries with Difficult People by Allison Bottke- Very Informative!

A few excellent key points in this informative and well written and researched book include: What is a boundary?, learn how to effectively set and implement realistic boundaries while finding sanity in your life, this book gives sensible guidelines to follow and utilize in learning how to effectively and lovingly deal with difficult people, how to identify difficult people and situations that drag you down, learning what sanity is and how to achieve it, locating support groups, deepening our relationship with God and so many more relevant topics. Along with bible passages and highlights from other books(authors) included corresponds to the material being presented along with personal journal questions to address ties together and compliments the chapter or point being addressed.
I have thorougly enjoyed reading (and thinking) as I dove into this book! It has helped me relate to my life and learn how to set boundaries in which I have struggled with. The author touches on so many topics I had not thought about but are so very important in setting and implementing boundaries. This book, I feel, will help all who struggle with these issues. I would highly recommend this book to others! Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for this ARC for my review.