Friday, November 18, 2011

Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness by Michael J Sullivan- Quite An Amazing Story!!!

I was searching recently for a different kind of book, one that is faithfilled, kind of science fiction, yet original and brings Jesus into the picture. After reading this books synopsis and digging into the book's first chapters I knew I had chosen a good one to spend the day with.

Michael, a single parent is trying to raise his daughter Elizabeth, now a teenager alone, his wife Vicky had passed away during the baby's birth. Assisting the priest one night Michael and Elizabeth happen upon a tunnel at the church and find themselves walking into the 1st century Jerusalem in the time of Christ. They were looked upon as foreigners, their dress and language calling attention to themselves by the Roman soldiers and other bystanders. Michael and Elizabeth feel they must speak out against the atrocities they are witness to. They soon find out that defending someone in 1st century can sometimes produce harsh consequences. They are taken in by a kindly woman named Leah. She teaches them about her culture and way of life. While in Jerusalem Michael looks for a way to change the outcomes of events he knows that will happen, but yet knowing they must find their way back home somehow. The novel also expertly blends Michael's past when he was younger so the reader can get to know his character more in depth.

This novel was quite an amazing story that will hold the readers attention throughout the book! History, suspense, drama and creativity are smoothly blended along with a twist ending in this well written first novel. Characters are well developed, plot, dialogue, description and scenery all work well as there are no dull parts. I found the overall message inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Sullivan in the future! I highly recommend this book to others. Very Well Written!

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