Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quaker Christmas 4-in-1 Collection by L. Bliss, R. Cecil, R. Phillips, C. Sanders- Four Quaker Families Open Their Homes and Hearts With Others!

Mary is leary of Silas who is not respectful of their Quaker ways and beliefs, but can they each come to a mutual understanding?

Will feels responsible for a fatal accident that claimed the life of his best friend, Alan. Can Alan's widow Lucinda accept what was and look ahead to what is yet to become?

Some say the River Pirates are a legend of the past, while others believe they still rule the waters and land. Henry longs to escape from his questionable lifestyle. When Henry rescues a woman who has fallen into the water his priorities take on a new promise. Each possesses a different belief and way of life but can the two successfully blend their future?

For Susanna, the wife of an Underground Railroad Abolitionist, life can be lonely indeed for the times when Nathan is away. When a runaway slave shows up at her door one cold night looking for a way to escape the injustices of the South, Susanna is given an opportunity to make a difference and to prove her equality.

Using authentic language of the Quaker Friends in conversations added to the charm of these novellas. It did take some getting used the language used in the beginning of reading but I soon got lost in them! I enjoyed them all but my favorites were: Pirate of My Heart and Equally Yoked. The suspense was gripping! The overall messages are inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. I highly recommend these well written novellas!

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