Friday, December 2, 2011

The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines- A Book You Can Really Get Lost In !!!

Well respected and confident Marcus, Earl of Spenford of England is in search of a Christian bride to honor his mother's wishes.Rev. and Mrs. Somerton have 5 daughters, one of whom caught the eye of Marcus on a previous encounter. During the wedding ceremony when Marcus lifts his young bride's veil a startling discovery is made.Through the feelings of inadequacy Constance maintains her dignity as best as she is able.Highly aware of how others view him, Marcus feels he must be on his best behavior at all times, even at the expense of others.Will duty keep them together or drive them apart?Can Constance and Marcus bury their differences?His heart is guarded but can she crush his reserve?
I enjoyed every minute spent peering into the lives and hearts of these interesting, well developed and personable characters. Quite difficult to put down from the beginning, this book will hold you captive and leave you satisfied in the end! Plot, dialogue, description and scenery all worked well in this romantic novel. I found the overall message inspiring and will recommend this well written book to others. I hope to read more Love Inspired books in the future by this author!

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