Friday, December 30, 2011

The Band That Played On by Steven Turner- Easily 5 Stars!!

8 Brave Men
8 Different Life Stories
All come together to form 1 band for the ill-fated Titanic

A fitting tribute to the members of the band who so heroically kept playing to calm and avoid panic amongst the other passengers before and during the sinking. Their music and religion made each man who they were, but in the end very sadly, all lost their lives.

The families and loved ones had been left with their grief and also left to try and recover compensation for the loss of their sons/brothers/husbands and fathers. Also covered in the book are the stories of the family members and loved ones left behind after the tragedy.

Expertly reseached and written this book offers history, captivating and amazing photos of the band members, their lives and surroundings and other important document photos. First hand accounts taken from passengers that survived the sinking and so much more. I was drawn to the book from the beginning and it held my attention until the end. Very highly recommended! Very well written!

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