Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Marriage Carol- Magical!!!!!!

Jacob and his wife Marlee married 20 years on Christmas Eve are on their way in a snowstorm to the lawyers office to end their marriage on Christmas Eve. An accident occurs and Marlee wakes up and Jacob is nowhere to be found. She walks until she finds help. Hope opens the door and comes in the form of a kindly old man whose words match that of his heart. She realizes she has choices to make but there are consequenses attached to them. I was entranced by this magical story! A very creative "warm your heart" type of read that can be finished in a few hours. One that will touch your emotions and cause you to think "What if"? I found it quite impossible to put down and rate it every bit 5 stars. I loved the twist ending. Excellent character development, storyline and scenery make this a must read for the holiday season! I was highly entertained as there were no dull parts. The overall message was inspiring and I highly recommend this book to others! Very Well Written! Many thanks to Moody Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC for my review!

Dancing on Glass by Pamela Ewen- This book drew me in and kept me there!

Amalise working as a waitress in New Orleans is also a law student. She meets Phillip, who is employed at the campus in the art department. Phillip, a dark and disturbing type whose interpretation of life is found within his paintings is immediately entraced by Amalise wanting to know everything about her. Her best friend Jude, a bar pilot at Pilottown has always looked out for Amalise since they were young. After meeting Phillip, Jude becomes concerned about her when she is with Phillip. As the relationship evolves between Amalise and Phillip she becomes a prisoner in his world. He is a very controlling type personality who does as he pleases but restricts her from everything and everyone she loves. The determination that Amalise has for their relationship may cost her everything that she has worked so hard for. I was drawn to this book from the beginning chapter and it held my interest until the end. Quite impossible to put down, very well written. Excellent character development, I was able to connect with them and their story very quickly. Highly entertaining, this was a very suspenseful read and kept me guessing right up to the ending. I would highly recommend this book!!! Thank you to B&H Publishing Group and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glorious Appearing-Left Behind Book 12

Undercover in enemy forces Mac goes to Jerusalem in search of Buck. Mac witnesses the cruelty of Carpathia and his followers first hand as the believers in Petra are being threatened. Rayford clings to life following an ATV accident. Chaim speaks conforting words to his audience despite the warnings of Carpathia. Miracles happen in anticipation of Christ's return.As the last book of the series my anticipation was high. It did drag a bit in the middle but by the last 150 pages or so I could not put the book down. I did enjoy how the authors tied up some loose ends but did seem to leave the door open for more that could follow. The suspense was well crafted and the scene realistic. I was inspired and will seek out more from these authors. As with the books in the series prior to this one, Glorious Appearing did challenge me in my faith and I did enjoy reading the series and having an opportunity to get to know each character. I would recommend this book! Very well done!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who is the Antichrist by Mark Hitchcock- Insightful!

The author presents his book in a question/answer format linking bible passages and verses relating to each topic. The author lists what needs to be in place for the antichrist and what has occured thus far, he cites views of the antichrist from the early days of the church and compares it to the modern view among some examples. He tackles the tough questions as well as the more common ones, also including other author references as well. Everything you ever wanted to know about in one volume! Expertly researched this book is most beneficial to the person newest in Christ, but also has material that the long time believer in God's word can grasp as well. I was able to devour the material easily because the book has full passages from the bible. But don't expect to finish it in one day. It did challenge me in my faith and I found the overall message inspiring. I would recommend this book to others. Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freedom's Stand by J. M. Windle

A novel about the plight of women and children in Afganistan and of the conditions to which they are subjected and religious persecution. From working as carpet weavers, illiteracy to young girls being given to men as wives that are not of the girls choosing. Encompasses the lives of Amy Mallory from New Hope Foundation (a safe haven for women and children), Jamil a healer, Farah a girl who is looking for more in life and other prominant characters. This book does tear at the heart and will make the reader reflect on the hardships these people face everyday. I am happy that I live in a free country and have the freedom of choice.This book does have excellent character development and starts out well but however I did have trouble staying into the novel a little ways through and am not sure it can be a stand alone type being second in a series it definately needs to be read in order. Dialogue and scene works and it challenged me in my faith. I would recommend it but only after reading the first.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Armageddon Left Behind #11

With New Babylon now shrouded in total darkness only believers can see leaving unbelievers with blinded eyes. A member of the tribulation force is taken into custody and the future of the other members seems questionable. Tsion and Buck journey to Jerusalem as the Jewish people prepare for the greatest battle the world has ever faced. Chang and Naomi have become closer. The world is coming to a climactic conclusion as the antichrist steps up his massive destruction.With love found and great loss this is one of the most tense and nonstop yet in the series yet also one of the saddest. More deaths have unfolded leaving the tribulation force with less members to fight Carpathia and his followers. This is my favorite in the series to date and I look forward with mixed feelings to the last book. I have really gotten attached to these characters and although I cannot wait to see what happens in the final book I really do not want it to end. Excellent character development and realistic scene as well as dialogue makes this one one that I will reread in the near future. Just cannot seem to get enough of this series and find that it is so relevant to today's world and current events.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones- A Journey of the Heart

Gray London, governor of Tennessee and first lady MacKenzie have a 5 yr old daughter, Maddie, who was born after many years of hoping. Maddie adds life to their home and their hearts. Jeremiah has been tending the gardens of the govenor's house for 25 years, and 3 years of that for the London family. Jeremiah has a way of growing things and it can be said that a piece of heaven can truly be found in his backyard. When tragedy strikes the world stops spinning. For this family through life's turmoil and suffering, God brings understanding through the eyes and heart of an old gardener named Jeremiah. When MacKenzie's mother Eugenia comes to stay at the Governors home she and Jeremiah have to work hard to overcome their differences. A southern novel of love, loss and understanding that will touch of the heart of the reader. At times quite sad, but at others quite funny, especially with Eugenia and her friends. Excellent character development and although at times the dialect was hard to follow, it is truly a keeper novel to be enjoyed again. The author was able to portray the characters expression of grief in different ways. A true journey of the heart novel that I highly recommend.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Remnant Left Behind #10

Evident that God provides for his people sparing them from the suffering of the unbelievers, Tsion's encouraging voice can be heard throughout causing rejoicing among the believers. Carpathia and his evil constituants were not pleased when their efforts to destroy the gathered believers at Petra failed. Carpathia calls Leon to appoint others to perform great stunts in an effort to further bring more devotees to worship his image. He steps up his tortuous punishment regime for the Jewish people insisting that they will submit to the mark of the beast. This book in the series had alot of action and drama but I found it fell short by not holding my attention through the middle sections. The beginning and ending are superb however. This series is very thought provoking and has challenged my faith and I would highly recommend them to others as I have throughly enjoyed them so far.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock -Excellence!

Logan Brisco, a man who never stays in one place too long, landed in Serenity Texas. Once a thriving oil town Serenity is looking for a way to get back on the map. Logan is a very smooth talker, an expert on the ways of words and "get rich" schemes. Carny Sullivan doesn't buy what Logan is selling. She was raised in a traveling carnival and has seen more con jobs than anyone, her wisdom going far beyond the circus tent. Trying to protect her son Jason from the life she has seen becomes a constant battle. Carny is cautious of Logan as the town rallies behind the ideas he presents during a crowded meeting at the bingo hall. From what Carny knows to be true actions say alot about a person and behind that contagious smile lies her greatest challenge yet.
This is a novel of love, sacrifice and hardship and one that will draw the reader from the beginning guaranteeing hours of reading enjoyment. With excellent character development this novel will capture your heart and will keep you guessing until the end. Highly recommend, excellent in every way! Thanks so much to Zondervan and Netgalley for my ARC copy for this review!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desecration Left Behind # 9

Chang Wong is becoming a valuable asset to the work of the Tribulation Force. Rayford and his team assembles believers to take a stand at the Temple Mount where Carpathia followers are set to worship Carpathia's image and take the mark of the beast. Yet more Tribulation members perish as new members are introduced. Chaim and Buck go to battle for the Lord as unbelievers are plagued by festering wounds in an attempt to bring more away from Satan's hold over them. Chloe ventures out and becomes more involved bringing more members to the effort. A search and rescue is underway but will the efforts prove futile? Will it cause more danger to Tribulation Force members? Another explosive addition to the series! As the ones before it this one also challenges my faith and I was highly entertained. Scene and dialogue work book flows well and the overall message is inspiring. I would highly recommend this series to others especially for the times in which we live.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mark Left Behind #8 My Favorite In The Series So Far!

Chaim's eyes are exposed to the truth. Plans are being set to administer the chip consisting of a mark proving complete loyalty to Carpathia will be embedded under the skin of the right hard or in the forehead of his followers. His followers will then be able to buy and sell. Those who oppose the mark will be destroyed. David, a part of Carpathia's payroll and a believer, is worried about his and his fellow believers lives. More people come to have the mark of God on their foreheads opposing Carpathia's plan. My favorite in the series to date promises action and suspenseful twists and turns. I felt that the dialogue and scene worked well and as the books before this this one also introduces new characters that I was able to connect with. The overall message was inspiring and I was again challenged in my faith. I was highly entertained and found the pages going by quickly as I was so immersed into the storyline. Highly recommend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Family For Faith by Missy Tippens- A Must Read!

Gabe, a single father to Chelsea tries hard to always do the right thing concerning his daughter, but at times he tries too hard. She is growing up too fast for him. Faith longs for the life that has been denied to her and someone to share it with. Gabe becomes "the target" of few single girls eyes and their matchmaking schemes. I absolutely loved this story, it grabbed me from the start and refused to let me go! The romance element was strong with excellent character development. I found the overall message inspiring and the storyline very entertaining. This book challenged my faith and I would highly recommend it to others. Well done! Thank you so much to Missy for my copy I look forward to the next book of hers due out next spring!

The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott- A Chilling Experience!

A young woman (an active satanic member) called Bill asking for help in freeing her from the demons who tortured her. He invited her into their home and battled the forces of evil with constant prayer. What he and his wife encountered was so frightening and terrifying. An 18 month long experience in which the evil spirits invaded their home and their lives, the reader learns about demonic forces very much alive in our world, how demons attach themselves to people and how demons can destroy a person who does not know of God's love but also how God can offer protection along with many other points.This is a revealing book that I am not likely to forget for a very long time. It was so chilling and real but so much needed for this day in age. I was challenged in my faith and recommend this book! My only suggestion would be not to read it at night. Thank you to Faithworks and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blame It On the Mistletoe by Joyce Magnin- Loved It!

A gazebo is discovered and some of the residents at the Greenbrier Nursing home are regaining their youth, start doing odd things, like riding tricycles and dancing like they are teenagers, and other odd behaviors. The group sets out to find the truth. To add variety to a typical fare Ruth plans a Tropical Thanksgiving. Go on soaring adventures with Matilda, listen in while the Yuletide committee discusses the upcoming Christmas agenda, meet new characters and stay in touch with familiar ones. This novel with capture your heart and make you smile! All the charm and entertainment for the upcoming holiday season done up Brights Pond style! Although this is a part of a series it could easily stand on it's own. Very entertaining and a joy to read, I highly recommend this book. It challenged my faith as I kept turning the pages, quite hard to put down! Thanks so much to Abingdon Press and Netgalley for my ARC for my review.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall- A Book You Can't Afford to Miss!

Amid the war of 1812 Cassandra, a very independent young woman, has taken it upon herself solely to provide for her family, to save them all from ruin, and to fulfill the tasks of her late father. She searches for a ship to privateer. Luke Heaton needs a privateer to get his ship, that is in dire need of repair, upon the waters and provide financially for his family. Cassandra's offer brings the two together. Luke, a man of faltering faith desperately seeks answers to the questions that burn closest to his heart. When he finds his choices narrowed concerning the British enemy, he fights to right his wrongs. But will it be enough? Will Cassandra's investment in privateering Luke's ship be successful?A very faith filled and adventurous swashbucking novel with believeable heros and heroines will leave you craving more. Very rich in historical element along with a cast of personable characters, storyline and excellent scenery this book challenged my faith. Although it is part of a series it could well work as a stand alone novel. Well done!