Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Armageddon Left Behind #11

With New Babylon now shrouded in total darkness only believers can see leaving unbelievers with blinded eyes. A member of the tribulation force is taken into custody and the future of the other members seems questionable. Tsion and Buck journey to Jerusalem as the Jewish people prepare for the greatest battle the world has ever faced. Chang and Naomi have become closer. The world is coming to a climactic conclusion as the antichrist steps up his massive destruction.With love found and great loss this is one of the most tense and nonstop yet in the series yet also one of the saddest. More deaths have unfolded leaving the tribulation force with less members to fight Carpathia and his followers. This is my favorite in the series to date and I look forward with mixed feelings to the last book. I have really gotten attached to these characters and although I cannot wait to see what happens in the final book I really do not want it to end. Excellent character development and realistic scene as well as dialogue makes this one one that I will reread in the near future. Just cannot seem to get enough of this series and find that it is so relevant to today's world and current events.

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