Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones- A Journey of the Heart

Gray London, governor of Tennessee and first lady MacKenzie have a 5 yr old daughter, Maddie, who was born after many years of hoping. Maddie adds life to their home and their hearts. Jeremiah has been tending the gardens of the govenor's house for 25 years, and 3 years of that for the London family. Jeremiah has a way of growing things and it can be said that a piece of heaven can truly be found in his backyard. When tragedy strikes the world stops spinning. For this family through life's turmoil and suffering, God brings understanding through the eyes and heart of an old gardener named Jeremiah. When MacKenzie's mother Eugenia comes to stay at the Governors home she and Jeremiah have to work hard to overcome their differences. A southern novel of love, loss and understanding that will touch of the heart of the reader. At times quite sad, but at others quite funny, especially with Eugenia and her friends. Excellent character development and although at times the dialect was hard to follow, it is truly a keeper novel to be enjoyed again. The author was able to portray the characters expression of grief in different ways. A true journey of the heart novel that I highly recommend.

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