Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mark Left Behind #8 My Favorite In The Series So Far!

Chaim's eyes are exposed to the truth. Plans are being set to administer the chip consisting of a mark proving complete loyalty to Carpathia will be embedded under the skin of the right hard or in the forehead of his followers. His followers will then be able to buy and sell. Those who oppose the mark will be destroyed. David, a part of Carpathia's payroll and a believer, is worried about his and his fellow believers lives. More people come to have the mark of God on their foreheads opposing Carpathia's plan. My favorite in the series to date promises action and suspenseful twists and turns. I felt that the dialogue and scene worked well and as the books before this this one also introduces new characters that I was able to connect with. The overall message was inspiring and I was again challenged in my faith. I was highly entertained and found the pages going by quickly as I was so immersed into the storyline. Highly recommend!

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