Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freedom's Stand by J. M. Windle

A novel about the plight of women and children in Afganistan and of the conditions to which they are subjected and religious persecution. From working as carpet weavers, illiteracy to young girls being given to men as wives that are not of the girls choosing. Encompasses the lives of Amy Mallory from New Hope Foundation (a safe haven for women and children), Jamil a healer, Farah a girl who is looking for more in life and other prominant characters. This book does tear at the heart and will make the reader reflect on the hardships these people face everyday. I am happy that I live in a free country and have the freedom of choice.This book does have excellent character development and starts out well but however I did have trouble staying into the novel a little ways through and am not sure it can be a stand alone type being second in a series it definately needs to be read in order. Dialogue and scene works and it challenged me in my faith. I would recommend it but only after reading the first.

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