Thursday, December 13, 2012

Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn Secrets...My Review


Nestled within the darkness of night thoughts escape to betray us.

Jessica Morgan, 25 is enroute to pictureque Glenbrooke, Oregon to fulfill her new position as a teacher. Entranced by the bright sunlight of a warm summer day she becomes a victim of sudden unforseeable circumstances. In attempt to escape her present life she assumes a new identity, but she finds that even that comes with its own unique challenges.

Kind hearted Kyle Buchanan tries seeing the best in every situation. His profession relies upon happenstance and uncertainty, that of which can dramatically alter the course of a single day.

Will Jessica be able to hold onto buried secrets and will she be the only one trying to conceal their own?

A novel of reality and faith with a little bit of humor thrown in. An easy to read and mildly predictable storyline, but was surprised of her secret. I enjoyed connecting with Kyles character, as well as the students in Jessica's class and I found them to be realistic as well as personable. I did find Jessica's character a bit forced and connecting with her became more challenging. Dialogue flowed nicely and scenery was descriptive. Although I was entertained, I would recommend this book more to readers of young adult fiction. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ashton Park by Murray Pura- Absolutely Unforgettable

book title front

Standing firm in one's cause can often times elicit many challenges.

Sir William and his wife Lady Elizabeth Danforth are master and mistress of Ashton Park in Lancashire England and have three sons and four daughters. William, as well as their sons, are pledged to defend their homeland of England in World War I. With a yearning for independence, the forces of frequent adversaries are swift taking with them at times innocent victims. Onshore as well as off duty and love  have snarred the hearts of the Danforth's and their servants. Will the estate of Danforth withstand all that hold them captive?

War, combat, danger, faith and romance commands the storyline of this impossible to put down read. Fans of Downton Abbey (as I am) as well as followers and admirers of inspirational historical fiction will want to be sure to grab this book to become a part of historical significance. Exciting and intense from the beginning until the ending, the reader will instantly connect with realistic, charming and personable characters, picturesque scenery, engaging, enjoyable and easy to follow dialogue that promises absolutely no dull or broken parts. I believe this can be a novel that can be enjoyed by all, male and female. Extremely well written worthy of more than 5 Stars!! Thanks to Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC for
my review.

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace by R Larry Moyer- Informative!

Two types of Christians exist in the working world of taoday, those who use their work as a tool for ministry and those that simply work.

This book dives into many points. Included for the reader are what do we pray for, what is our message for non-Christians, how do you follow up, how to use your testimony as an evangelistic message and many more useful chapters and subchapters. Includes a special section entitled Resources for workplace leaders. All chapters have many subchapters and key pints at the end for self reflection and summary. This book incorporates many biblical passages and quotes that the author uses to strengthen the message that he is covering in detail. Highlighted also are others opportunities outside of work that others have incorporated.

As the reader I picked and chose the topics that most interested me and studied them more in detail. I feel this book can be a useful tool in dealing with situations not only in the workplace for which it is written, but possibly could be used for discussion and witnessing in other situstions ie: family gatherings, hair salons or perhaps when waiting in line somewhere. I do feel that caution should be exercised however when witnessing in certain jobs where talk on religion, and even politics can have devastating results. Interesting and well written 4 Stars!

I received a complimentary copy from Kregel Publications for my review.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Take the Trophy and Run by Gail Sattler- Delightfully Fun!

Clues to a day contain elements of surprise.

Amber Weathersby, craft store owner is also owner of the prestigious garden gnome, Gnorman. Gnorman can be often seen gracing the gardens of the winners of the Garden Club contest The Spring Fling Early Bloomer.

Stan has known Amber all of his life and when the invitation arose to join the Garden Club with his best friend, he couldn't think of a better way to spend his time.

When Gnorman disappears from sight Amber and Stan try to stay one step ahead of the napper, but are finding that strange clues are a commonplace to the hunt.

Will Gnorman be recovered?
Will the town of Bloomfield capture a heart for romance?

Promising creative characters, picturesque scenery, and progressive plot will provide entertaining hours. A delightful and fun novel with mystery, romance and a bit of comedy (loved reading the clues), that will surely occupy a special place in a readers library. As a gardener and one who enjoys a cozy mystery, I will certainly recommend this inspiring entertaining book to others. 4 Stars! Thanks to B&H Publishing Group for the complimentary copy from the blog.

Real Life Real Miracles by James L Garlow & Keith Wall- This book will inspire you!

  1. Real Life, Real Miracles

This book contains thirty stories, in addition to shorter more miraculous moments, giving true life accounts of miracles in our everyday lives. A unique giftable and keeper book will find it's way to occupy a special place in a readers library. The reader will quickly choose favorite stories as I did and find that perhaps these can be read at a later time again, for a moment when the stories will again promise hope and inspiration.

With the author's ability to draw the reader into these amazing and heartfelt captivating stories you will find yourself being transported into others lives as the book could leave the reader with a what if scenario. I found myself quickly turning the pages as the book can be read alittle at a time or in a few sittings. This book offers so much as every one is different. After reading the many accounts of real life miracles I was truly inspired and challenged in my faith. The books audience, I feel, can be enjoyed by male or female readers. I was highly entertained and would recommend this book to others. I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers for my review.