Friday, December 9, 2011

Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland by Roseanna White - 5 Stars! 5 Stars! 5 Stars!

5 Stars! 5 Stars! 5 Stars!Larksong Benton and Emerson Fielding engaged 2 years are to be married, sometime... Lark growing tired of waiting for the day to arrive, wonders at what extent Emerson's love for her lies. Lark's brother Wiley is very protective of his sister and her interests. When their cousin Penelope arrives to stay for awhile at their home, she is not favored by either of them due to her flirtatious ways.
Lark travels to Maryland and Emerson harbors deep regret for her decision. Upon arriving Lark finds a kindred friend in Sena, daughter of the family she is staying with. Sena, having only brothers has longed for a sister to share things with. Humorous with a cherry personality is just what Lark has needed. Will different scenery and friends soften Lark's heart and will she be able to escape the hurts of her past?
Extremely well written this book also hosts a few well known figures of history. Travel back to the 1700's in a way no history book can provide! Romance, humor, heartbreak and civalry will take hold of your attention and fill your hours with pleasure. This hard to put down book comes alive with well developed characters, rich scenery, interactive dialogue along with a gripping ending that will leave you wanting more. I was highly entertained, I found the overall message inspiring and will recommend this novel to others! I hope to read more from this author in the future!!!

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