Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hannah's Journey by Anna Schmidt- My Review

Levi Harmon, satisfied with his life and fortune, he has built for himself. He receives a visit from Hannah Goodloe, an Amish woman searching for her 11 yr old son Caleb who has run away and thought to be amongst the staff of his traveling circus. Levi makes her an offer to accompany him on his circus train to search for and bring back her son. When she approached the bishop about Levi's offer, the bishop requested two others of her family need to accompany her. Onboard, Levi comes up with a business arrangement to help Hannah continue her journey after her traveling partner insists she returns home to Florida to tend to her duties there. What Hannah finds is what she never thought she has been missing. What Levi finds is not what he is seeking.
A quick read that the more I progressed into the book the more I enjoyed it. I do read Amish fiction from time to time and I recommend this one for a different kind of read. Even though they have smaller parts in the book, Fred the clown and Lily the performer captured my heart, they seemed so down to earth and easy to relate to. Plot, description, dialogue and scenery all came together well. I found the overall message inspiring and I was entertained!

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