Monday, July 16, 2012

The Chasm by Randy Alcorn- Unlike anything I have ever read

                                                                         The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

An unreachable destination called Charis is a musical city of light that has the ability to draw whomever sees it.
Nick Seagrave on a quest to find the truth, encounters others along his journey. Battling unthinkable obstacles and unfriendly terrain Nick experiences feelings, terror and the like which cannot mimic anything he has felt and witnessed prior. Will he reach his goal or will he be purposely detained?

This book is unlike anything I have read up to this point. Visions, terror, warfare that is kind of sci-fi with a strong faith component expertly woven throughout. Although this is but a short book there is alot to read within its pages, also has pen drawings that enhance the storyline. Many times I had to stop and reread to stay in focus and understanding. A very deep, creative, thought provoking and unique novel that will grab you and get you to wondering "what if?". Dialogue flowed well, I could just see the characters interacting with one another and scenery was very discriptive, which added to the novel. I did not encounter any dull parts throughout. I was entertained, challenged in my faith and found the overall message to be very inspiring. I will recommend this well written novel to others.

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