Monday, July 2, 2012

She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice- Beneficial and Relevant


What are your biggest challenges?
Do you have issues?
How do others see you?
How do you see yourself?
This book focuses in depth on 5 main issues that most women struggle with, along with helpful suggestions and explainations written in a counselor's voice. Women's stories and authors included are brought into the chapters to show how others can identify with the issues being presented and what they have gone through. Also how Jesus fits into all of our issues and challenges (short comings). Included are personal assessments and self evaluation questions with group answers, prayers and topics for group discussions.

The target audience is women. Some chapters I was able to relate to, others not so much. Each reader can pick and choose which issues, or all of them, she feels needs addressing in her life. The assessment questions were beneficial in addressing my issues. I found this to be a very faith inspiring book and would recommend this book to others.

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