Monday, June 13, 2011

Enlightening and Inspiring

Dr. Levy, a California neurosurgeon, recalls his conversations with his patients in the exam room before entering into their surgery. Good rapport with a patient is a necessary part of the surgery process, and, with the element of adding prayer, can make a profound difference in the few moments before surgery and can add calm and peace to an otherwise tense situation. I found this book very enlightening and although it was about another peoples lives I thought about my own while I was reading and was able to apply some of the advice he encouraged his patients to practice and I too felt a sense of peace. What is truly remarkable about this surgeon is that he went outside of the box and the medical "comfort zone" with his patients, prayer with a patient is a practice which I feel is sorely lacking in the medical field. This doctor is a medical professional who considers the health and soul of a patient and strives to make a difference. The message of this book is quite inspiring and uplifting and I highly recommend it to others.

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