Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Review of Beneath The Night Tree Excellent!

At age 24 Julia loves taking pictures capturing the world through the lens of her camera. She and her brother Simon 10, and her son Daniel 5 live with Grandma Nellie on the DeSmit farm. Her boyfriend Michael speaks of future plans and asking her to leave all she knows behind but Julia realizes that Simon and Daniel have a stake in this too. After all what would her life be like without the 3 of them? When she was on her computer going through her email she came across a message which causes her to remember the past she has tried so hard to forget. What will happen with the email and how will it impact the relationships she now has? Not having read the first two in the series I have to say that I was able to become attached to the characters right away and feel that the novel stands alone. An excellent novel that I throughly enjoyed and I would recommend it.

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