Thursday, June 9, 2011

Her Daughter's Dream a review

Hildie becomes ill and Marta(Oma) comes to stay with the family while Hildie is sick. Marta and Carolyn become very close, so close it creates problems between Hildie and Marta resulting in Marta returning home leaving Carolyn. Whithout Marta Carolyn is lost and she feels and turns to Charlie her brother to comfort her. When the family relocates Carolyn has trouble fitting in, but soon finds out what can happen when someone acts out of desperation. Hildie then starts working again and like her mother before her she is always gone and not home when her children need her the most. Years pass and with it war comes bringing tragedy and Carolyn clinging to her thoughts withdraws deeper within herself. Thoughts have a way of grabbing you and not wanting to let go and whether Carolyn wished them to or not some things always have a way of coming to the surface. After the birth of Mayflower Dawn "Dawn" Carolyns life seems to be coming together. As Dawn grows up she becomes strong in her faith. This novel comes full circle covering a span of over 30 years. A poinant story of love, loss and tragedy that is quite lengthy so do not expect to finish it in a few hours.

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