Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven- A book that went from ok to wow!

I had gotten this book in audiobook format that I listened to while driving. The book was written in the voice of Kevin the dad, and Alex the 6 yr old with side notes from different people. While driving Kevin was distracted and he and Alex were involved in a collision. Alex died but was revived then slipped into a coma. Upon waking he was able to recall his experience in heaven and gave reference also to the darker side. As Alex talked about his experiences I found them to be unique, comforting, different and very interesting. The love of Alex by Kevin was very evident throughout the book as was the amount of support the family had. Quite an inspiring journey that Alex had and I hope upon reading or listening as I did that what he had to share will bring more people to Jesus. Very well written! 5 Stars!

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