Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy- This one will tear at your heart

Gloria and Andrew, residents from Texas, anxious to become first time parents travel to China to adopt a little girl whom they named Joy. As they meet and take their daughter to their awaiting vehicle they are being watched from a distance by a girl on her bicycle named Kai. Years later Kai is insistant on locating Joy whom is her sister Lily to inform her of their families genetic disease history. What Kai finds when she is introduced to their adoptive parents is a cold and unwelcoming mother. Gloria is frightened that Kai will take Joy away from them. Kai confronted the hostility and brought them into her world, one of a tortuous past in China. Joy now a teenager is having trouble fitting in with her peers. Can Gloria listen and follow her heart to trust Kai? Can Kai fulfill a dying mother's wish?
This novel has excellent dialogue and scenery and is a tear at your heart kind of book. I did not have trouble getting into the storyline but felt that more character development was needed. Going from the history to the present was excellent. The overall message was inspiring and I was challenged in my faith. This is an entertaining novel I will recommend! Thank You to Bethany House Publishers for providing this complimentary copy for me for my review.

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