Friday, July 29, 2011

Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse

In the beginning her story is a collection of her life as being a single twenty something female in Michigan on a quest for meeting Mr. Right. She attempts fasting while thinking about what a jar of honey symbolizes thus deciding her life lacks sweetness. She devised her "Honey Project" to improve her spirtual focus and meaning. The making of a list to follow she felt, would equal success. On her quest she communed with others on a farm and finds out that living without can be an advantage for her while at the same times has its embarassing moments. Her writing style is down to earth and easy to follow which is a plus, perhaps younger readers can relate to her journey. I did learn some interesting facts about other religious practices. I had a hard time grasping the meaning of her journey as a author. The cover, quite a excellent choice, drew me to this book blindly and knowing that it is a memoir caught my interest as well. In all honesty I cannot say that the book challenged me in my faith and I did not enjoy it as much as I had anticipated I would. I got this book because of the blurb on the back and I did give it a 3 for effort, but I felt it fell short.

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