Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Champion by Carla Capshaw-Excellent in every sense of the word!

All of her life, Tibi has tried hard to win her father Tiberius' love. Her future options are limited, and she chose a different path for her life, rather than the one that her father has chosen for her. She flees for safety to the home of Alexius, a Greek gladiator. Alexius risks his life in the coliseum, but nothing has prepared him to face his greatest battle yet. Action, adventure, romance and twists and turns entertain the reader of this well crafted novel! I connected with each character in the story from the beginning. I do enjoy this kind of novel, one that you can feel as if you are there experiencing what the characters do and feel what they feel from the comfort of your chair. Excellent in every sense of the word, I highly recommend this novel! Very well written!

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