Monday, July 18, 2011

Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang

Christophe returned home from the war with no greeting and no welcome. Annaliese jubilantly shouted as the crowd rallied to hear of freedom call. Their cries so different from the communists. Hunger dictates the country as the citizens of Germany celebrate the end of the war. Annaliese has won the attention of an important admirer, looking for a victory in the election, and one who can further the socialists party. Annaliese is reacquainted with someone from her past but could it ruin everything she has worked so hard for? Christophe is sent on a journey to recover what was lost. Will he truly find what he is searching for?
A novel of politics, loyalty and discovery set in the time of the Great War. The scene of the storyline worked very well and I can see myself in the era as I read this book. I found the book to be much better and more entertaining than the other books before it.

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