Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Understand the Book of Revelations by Skip Heitzig- Deserving of More Than 5 Stars!

(Posted previously on Chistianbook.com 5-21-11)
In all honesty I have to say that this is possibly the most accurate and complete translation of Revelations that I have come across. Finally it all makes sense! Each chapter includes study scriptures from other books that correspond to the chapter being read to give additional understanding and insight. Stories that illustrate were also included as well as current events tying into the end times. The author brings to light the meaning of the symbols and difficult to understand passages contained in the chapters. I followed along with my bible as I dove into the book. An extremely well written book that alot of thought and time has went into. I think this would also be excellent for bible study or book club. Don't expect to finish it in a day or two! Thank you to Harvest House Publishers for providing this ARC copy for me for my review.

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