Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Reason Why:Faith Makes Sense-Thought Provoking

The universe exists but why do we? What is the nature of life? The evidence that God exists is all around us, yet so many do not believe in him, despite the heavens seen and the feeling that a belief in God holds a person accountable. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, which he did out of love for us, but what does his sacrifice mean to us in today's world? The answer to these and others can be found within the pages of this thought provoking book. The book also uses a scientific approach as part of its presentation and includes views from known scientists. I felt the material presented was geared toward the non-Christian looking for direction in his/her life but has valid confirmation for Christians as well. This book being short in length gets to the point quickly listing key points to back up thoughts and questions raised, but you will want to read it slower to absorb the content.

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