Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Scroll by Grant R Jeffrey, Alton L Gansky- Everything I Expected and More!

David Chambers renowned Biblical Archaeologist, is a man who has lost his faith and is searching for something crucial in his life. Abram Ben-Judah, an old friend contacts him and asks him to come back to the Holy Land for one final dig, to unearth the treasures of the Copper Scroll. Funding has come from a benefactor, a great supporter of Biblical Archaelogy and David finds himself working alongside other members at the dig site, who are not of his choosing including Amber, his fiancee. The treasures in the tunnels await the explorers, but is the ultimate cost worth the price that must be paid?

Mr. Gansky is a favorite author of mine and this book did not disappoint! Danger and intrigue along with interactive dialogue, excellent character development, twists and turns, and realistic scenery await the reader! As I was reading The Scroll I was reminded of possibly an Indiana Jones movie sitting on the edge of the seat and I felt as if I were there with the characters experiencing what they did. I learned quite a bit about archaelogy from this book and I was challenged in my faith. But don't expect to finish this book in one sitting plan three or four uninterupped evenings and let the authors take you on a fascinating journey. I would highly recommend this book! Very well written!!! I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for my review.

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