Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When the Sandpiper Calls by Peggy Darty- The Start of a Great Series!

                                                                When the Sandpiper Calls by DARTY, PEGGY

Christy Castleman, local author, lives on Shipwreck Island. A place rich in history of pirates, treasures and shipwrecks. Bonnie Taylor, a good friend and member of the Red Hat Chapter Sassy Snowbirds of Summer Breeze is always encouraging of Christy's work.
When a corked bottle is found buried in the sand on Shipwreck Island with no evidence of footprints surrounding it, a note inside tells the reader to contact the police. Christy and the Sassy Snowbirds have a mystery on their hands. When a local resident turns up missing Christy and the Snowbirds work against the clock to try and solve this mystery at the risk of their lives while someone watches in the distance.

Promising twists, turns and a surprise ending I really enjoyed this cozy mystery!  Suspense and romance along with well developed and interesting characters, I was entertained and felt the book was a good choice for the time spent and found it was hard to put down. Dialogue and scenery worked well together creating no dull parts. I was challenged in my faith and will recommend this well written book to others.

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