Thursday, June 14, 2012

Night of the LIving Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos- Imaginative and Creative!

Do you really know who your neighbor is?

With werewolves, zombies and vampires on the loose is anyone safe? Matt, Hibbs and Culbetron are trying to find the perfect gadget to scare off monsters but while doing so they encounter challenges and obstacles they had never thought of. With insightful words from the werewolf Luther, his thoughts on life and religion he embarks on a quest to finding the one truth we all search for.

A novel that will cause you to ponder "What if?" At the start of reading Night of the Living Dead Christian I got into the right frame of mind to appreciate the books style. I pictured myself watching monsters on the TV and superheroes dressed like normal people in combat against them. I was glued to the pages and as I kept turning them I discovered how drawn I became into the storyline and the more I felt as if I were a "part of the movie" being played.
Extremely imaginative and creative, with serious moments intertwined with humor, this book quickly became impossible to put down! Dialogue and scenery worked well together creating the books originality. Challenging my faith I found this book to be inspiring and would highly recommend this well written book to others! 5 Stars!!!

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