Sunday, June 24, 2012

Implosion by Joel C Rosenberg- Will grab your attention!


Is America spiraling quickly to a cataclymic ending? What does our future hold? Are we living in the end times? This book answers these questions along with many more. Accurate viewpoints of current and past political figures are captured within this book. Our countries past seems engrained resulting in the startling present times in which we live. Topics discussed in length for example include national debt, natural disasters and the book of Revelation.

A startling and revealing book is how I would describe this eyeopening read. I am not one who follows current events per se like my husband does, but I admit that this book held my attention throughout as I was completely focused and found that in many parts it was impossible to put down. I did learn alot and when discussing it with my husband he admittedly knew about some topics I brought up but was unaware of others ie: specific dollar amounts being alloted to certain projects and the rapture. Full of well documented past, present and future events this well written volume is organized, easy to read and grasp and will cause the reader to stop, think and reflect. I will recommend this well written book to others, 5 stars!

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