Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh my.... Deer in the Garden!

Woods surround 3 corners of our property. So whenever I see deer (very plentiful this year for some reason) browsing my garden and eating my produce or munching on my daylilies or raspberry bushes I go in panic mode. I have tried unsuccessfully hair in the garden, shining lights and many of the other posted suggestions but have found success (so far) with a few of my own....I use the latex gloves I talked about in an earlier post after weeding etc take them off inside out and put them on sticks around what  I want to save, also old tennis shoes on sticks. I had a neighbor ask me if I were growing shoes lol! Also shirts of my husband after cutting grass I hang those out too. I have heard of others who have success with flash tape. I may try that if I run out of clothes, shoes and gloves.