Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth- Enjoyable and Informative!


The author makes suggestions of what worked for her family to mimic the frugal lifestyle of the amish peoples. Some of the topics included in this book are (in my own words): how to save more and spend less, what to do about clutter, what to give away and what to keep, family ties, and so many more ways of life and many useful solutions from an amish and non amish standpoint. Before the end of each chapter is summing it up, an excellent tool to read in case something was missing in the chapter. Also included are recipes that are Almost Amish.

I found that I was able to devour this book in a little over an evening and felt it to be helpful in trying to incorporate some of the amish practices into our own home. I was entertained and learned some things in the process. I would recommend this entertaining book to others and especially to those who feel they need a boost in the area of becoming more sufficient and resourceful.

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