Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot- Fast Paced!

                          During a time of challenges, a time of German invasion, and at a time of great want can the efforts of a few change the lives of many? Tom, a skilled American pilot for the Army Air Forces, is shot down in midair and picked up by the French. He is found to be of useful fascination because of how he presents himself, the cause of which others fight for capivates him. Brigette lives a questionable life in servitude for the needs of the Germans endures being the object of others disgust and prejudice, she carries bitterness which in turn feeds her purpose. A group who makes up The Resistance employ bold, daring and extreme courage while encorporating the decision to fight for that which is just and fair. But time grows short for the group, plans must be precise, but can all be gained without the harsh suffering of any loses? High action and drama encompass this fast paced novel. Scenery and description mesh well creating a believable dialogue and plot. Although I was able to know the main and established characters in depth, it seemed that at times the story was difficult to keep up with, with the constant introduction of new characters who are just introduced once. With that said I did enjoy reading this novel and would recommend it to others. I received a complimentary copy from Tyndale House Publishers for my review.

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