Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forsaken Dreams by MaryLu Tyndall- A True Romance!

What is not seen with the eyes can sometimes be sought unknowingly within the heart.

Onboard a ship New Hope bound for Brazil each day can bring many challenges not only from unsuspecting other vessels at sea, but also from opposing parties from within.

Eliza Crawford war widow and former war nurse on the quest of a  search for a new start takes great pains to avoid the familiar.

Colonel Blake Wallace aka Mr Roberts war hero hiding from this past is about to meet his match.

Parson Bailey is convinced of the catastrophy that awaits their voyage as one passenger seems to bring hardship to the crew.

The many passengers on a quest to gain that which is lost to them when the ship reaches land new found love, new found dreams, new found peace, new found freedom or perhaps something else.
Will love capture the attention of more than one onboard?

An adventure of Romance, Action, Romance, History, and Romance for those who crave something a little different. Housed within the book lie a great many characters, and although they were well developed, the storyline shifted back and forth among all of them quite frequently that making connection with most seemed quite difficult. I personally found the character Captain Barclay however to be quite refreshing and at times humorous and a much needed part in the story. The storyline is sprinkled with many metaphors, the scenery is realistic and descriptive and very well written as the author is known for, plot flows smoothly no broken parts. I found the overall message inspiring and faith challenging. Overall I enjoyed it, a good read! 3 Stars! Thanks to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

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