Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Christmas Bride by Grace Livingston Hill- Classical

Gregory Sterling is suddenly a man of the world after the discovery of oil on his property. When he witnessed Margaret McLaren fall he took it upon himself to assist in her care however he could despite the questioning of others concerning his honest motives.

Alice Blair whose past was known by Gregory realizes that some things need to be revitalized before the hour is overdue. But at what price?

Will love be rekindled or will there be another?

This read is a classic romantic gentle novel that will take the reader back to another time period. Prose is dated yet refreshing! I did enjoy the character of Gregory charming, easy to connect with and realistic! Scenery was exquisite and very descriptive felt as if I were there.
I found reading that most parts within the book made it impossible to put down but a few though I struggled through. This is a faith challenging and inspiring read that is good for a relaxing winter day. 4 stars
Thanks to Barbour Publishing for the complimentary copy from the Christmas Giveaway!

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