Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iscariot by Tosca Lee- An absolute must read!


In the glimmer and promise of night thoughts are but a challenge.

Travel back to the time of Christ and experience first century anew narrarated by Judas. As a young boy Judas and his older brother Joshua struggled against the brutality and cruelty of Roman depression. What Judas experienced throughout his childhood and adult life as a disciple of Jesus shaped him into the man he ultimately became.

His regrets, dreams, longings and life as well as numerous appearances of Jesus and others are portrayed brilliantly by a most gifted storyteller. Highly entertaining, an exciting must read! I was drawn into the book from the first chapter as the story of Judas comes full circle throughout this unforgettable and impossible to put down read. Time well spent which will guarantee reflection long after the book has been devoured and put on the shelf.

A suspenseful, loving and heartbreaking read that has it all promising absolutely no dragging or dull parts. An easy to follow storyline and climatic plot, engaging uplifting and challenging dialogue, familiar very well developed characters that will read as friends, complete with descriptive picturesque scenery. I absolutely loved this book! I found it overall to be faith challenging with an inspiring message. I was highly entertained and will be recommending it to others! Extremely well written! 5 Stars would give it more if I could! Thanks to Howard Books and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

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