Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Favorite Seed Companies that I recommend!!!!

It seems that seed catalogs fill my mailbox at this time of year. Which are my favorites and why? Most if not all are US shipping only.

JL Hudson Seedman
This company is a seed bank and has unusual and collectible seeds not found elsewhere as well as common ones. I have filled my garden with these plants. Incredible amount of seed in packets! The catalog is a treasure trove prices are very fair and shipping price is very minimal and receiving time is quick. But be sure to check out of stock items on website. Germination is excellent and have had seed germinate well past the dates on packet recommended! Shipping time is excellent.

Fedco Seed, Trees, Bulbs, Plants, Tubers and Garden Supply
This company has an excellent catalog filled with valuable information and history and one I look forward to each year! They support non GMO products and seeds and have alot of organic seed selections as well. Free shipping for 30 dollars or more order for seed only! Seed prices very fair and shipping is quick. Check out of stock on website. Wide variety of herbs. Germination excellent.

Crosman Seed
This catalog is printed on 3 pages all seed is 99 cents a packet! Seed is plentiful and germination is always dependable and excellent.  I have had seed germinate after many years of storage! They carry seed not found in many places such as cactus, rhurbarb and others. Selection does not vary much and is so appreciated especially if I have a variety I have grown and had success with. Shipping is fair and shipping time is excellent.

Sand Hill Preservation Center
This company has many varieties of rare and heirloom tomato seed not available in most places. Carries other seeds as well peppers, squash, large variety of other vegetables common and less common and even cotton seed (had success in my garden with cotton)! Seed packets are very plentiful, prices are excellent for what you order. Germination is excellent shipping cost very fair.

All have websites for the most up to date information. You too might add these as your favorites as well!
Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!

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