Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too Good to be Truman (Truman, #1)

There is a mystery brewing and Truman is on board!

Aspiring writer Harry Truman divorcee, has trouble dodging to demands of his exwives. His discoveries take him on quite a journey of disguise, mystery and mayhem.

IRS agent Marion Russell is curious about a dollar amount that has slipped through Harry's hands.

Tina Davis coworker of Harry's becomes quite an asset in the quest of finding the truth.

These interesting well developed characters along with a host of other unforgettable ones, will keep the reader satisfied, glued to the pages, and longing for more!

As the clock ticks and time runs short, danger proves to be necessary obstacle. Will the discovery be made in time at the risk of lives?

Loved this book 5 Stars! Extreme comedy, mystery and suspense team up to bring a fantastic novel with many twists, turns and laugh out loud moments. This well written impossible to put down book is a must for everything you loved about a Fletch movie with new, fresh and original content. Smooth flowing plot, captivating dialogue and realistic scenery mesh together well to create a read with absolutely no dull parts. I was highly entertained by this inspiring read and will recommend this novel to others. Thanks to Mr. Well for providing me with a complimentary copy for my review.

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