Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury- Heartfelt

The Bridge

In the loomy uncertainty of a heart's core lies the vast promise of a giving love.

The Bridge, the oldest bookstore in Franklin is a place where dreams and friendships are built.

Charlie and Norma Barton, owners of The Bridge, lost their entire book inventory as a result of a devastating flood. To them and many others the bookstore represented more than just a building full of books.

Molly Allen college student left her heart in Nashville with Ryan Kelley. Years later her life has afforded a different turn, to now run an animal rescue shelter for unwanted animals. Left with her memories of the past she takes solice by reminicing on special occasions.

Ryan wonders where his dreams and life have led him, yet even in his success he is enslaved by a memory from the past that refuses to stop taunting him.

Romance, sacrifice, heartbreak and reality highlight this enjoyable quick to read novella, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. This book has easily identifyable characters that could be your close friends, your next door neighbors or maybe even yourself. I did not find any slow or drag parts thoughout and the plot flowed smoothly and did not disappoint. I love the cover from the book it captures the story from within well. I found the overall message to be inspiring and will recommend this book to others. Thanks to Howard Books and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

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