Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Life Giver by Joey LeTourneau- Unique


  • The Life Giver

The Lord gives life so we can share with others.

The author weaves a different yet familiar outlook of Jesus as the giver of life. The authors visions of eternity, his promised land, and lessons learned about how to live while still on Earth will teach you how to share with others the love, joy and laughter that arise from heaven. Although very personal and different this is one part of the book I really enjoyed reading because the visions were very lifelike, descriptive and loving.
He shares family experiences, adopting Anna and how she taught them so much of the love of Jesus, and the people who visited his mission in Ethiopia.
Also included are stories and passages from the bible and explainations and interpretations in his own words.

I did enjoy this book and there were some parts I found to be very beneficial but other parts not so much. Everyone takes different parts of a book they consider helpful and draws benefit from that. It did take a while to get through and process this volume because it is so packed with information. My advice is to have an open mind when reading The Life Giver. I am not sure if I can fully grasp the uniqueness of this read but it certainly is "food for thought"!
My review is based on the free ebook that was given to me by the publisher. 

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