Monday, March 26, 2012

The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman- Highly Recommend!

After a devastating loss is it possible to have the promise of new hope?

Jarrod, who gave his life in military service left behind unforgetable memories and insatiable loneliness for his widow, Corrie. Six months after his death she traveled back to the familiar surroundings of Saunders Creek Missouri (a town that has a few secrets of its own), back to the fragrant lilac bushes, back to the home left to them by Jarrod's Grandmother.

Jarrod's cousin Eli, a talented contractor, lends a hand in fixing up the Jarrod's Grandmothers home, a place in much need of repair. But the home harbors it's own darkness and in Corrie's grief she is convinced that Jarrod has not left her. Is it possible to break the hold that is placed on her? Can faith be enough to save her from what lies within the spaces of the old home and bring with it the promise of new hope?

Five stars!!! If I could give this book more I would. Ms. Bateman has always spun creative and original stories and this one is no exception! She has a way of writing that will quickly draw the reader into the story and into the well developed characters lives and seem as if you have known them for a long time. This book would make a powerful movie. Suspenseful, frightening and romantic dialogue with twists and turns will hold your attention and keep you reading until the book is finished, as it is very very hard to put down. The storyline flowed smoothly with no dull parts, along with realistic scenery and easy dialogue kept me entertained and challenged my faith. The book cover seems to capture the novel. I would highly recommend this book to others!!! Very well written!! I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


  1. I saw this book and wondered about it. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. :O)

  2. Truly enjoyable book! Thanks for your comments Diane!