Monday, March 19, 2012

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek my review

No unmarried person is safe in Butternut Creek from the Widows.

Birdie and Mercedes (The Widows) enjoy finding new members for their church and new couples for their matchmaking skills.
Adam Jordan, 25, a newly appointed minister headed to Texas from Kentucky to the community of Butternut Creek, where everyone trusts everyone and a place where you can leave your doors unlocked. He has not come into town with much, but the overwhelming generousity of the community is welcome and he quickly finds himself feeling more at home.
Sam Peterson ex Marine in need of a kind word moved back to Butternut Creek to live in his late Aunts house.
Willow, physical therapist along with sons Nick and Leo find challenges even in this small community.
Small town setting with believable people and real life issues.

This is a great concept for a novel and when I started reading it hooked me into the storyline. It drug a bit towards the middle but quickly picked up.
On a positive note: Character development was strong and scenery works. The novel was easy going humorous at times and hearttearing at others especially at times when it focused on loneliness and the need for acceptance.
On a negative note: I feel strongly that profanity has no place in a Christian novel, no exception to that in my opinion. Sometimes the book read more like a secular novel.For the most part I was entertained and would recommend this book to others especially ones who enjoy secular fiction but who don't mind a "lite" Christian novel. Thanks to Faithwords and Netgalley the ARC for my review.

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