Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton- Eyeopening!

This book equips the reader with the tools needed for recognizing and combatting evil forces at work in our lives everyday. The author uses scripture passages that correspond with the material being presented. Included are many real life stories and the authors as well dealing with many of the chapters in the book.I seem to gravitate towards the thinking of "what if this happens or that?" I found my answers here and now know how satan can take life circumstances such as fear and cause weakness in a person and cause them to doubt themselves asking what if questions.A few of the topics discussed in detail are: dealing with depression and anxiety, putting on the armor of God and dealing with demon issues head on, how the flesh is weak, are Christians demonized, generational curses and how to break them, breaking contact with evil spirits and so many more. I found this book to be informative but was disappointed in a few of the chapters ie: Are you living in a haunted house? which really did not answer the question but dove into remarriage. Some chapters ie: Casting out demons and the authors life experiences with demons was very eyeopening also gave me cold chills.The book gave lots of ways to know if a spirit is of God or of satan which is very helpful. Overall I really did enjoy this keeper book and will use it. I found it cannot be read in a few hours more like a few days so the information can sink in and be reflected upon. I recommend this well documented and written book to eveyone. I received a complimentary copy from Chosen Books for my honest review.

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