Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda Brunstetter- Original and excellent read!

Emma Yoder (widow) placed an ad in the local newspaper seeking students for a 6 wk quilting course that she would be teaching as a way to supplement her income. When they arrive at her home and at first glance she wonders if this is a mistake.

Ruby Lee looking to add some "fun" into her life
Paul Ramirez was looking for a way to finish his daughters heirloom quilt
Star Stephens misses her Grandmother and is searching for somewhere to fit in
Stuart & Pam Johnston in an effort to spend more time together agree to enroll in the class
Jan Sweet decided to do something creative

These people from different walks and situations in life learn how to quilt and discover that much can be accomplished when God is in control. Emma becomes not just an instructor in the art of quilting but an instument God uses in bringing about success in others lives.
This novel is so unique in the Amish fiction genre. The pages kept turning and the more I read the more I was hooked into the storyline. Not only does it incorporate the lives of the Amish (for what the author is known to portray well) but strongly adds the element concept of bringing into the picture the lives of the English. A very original, fresh, down to earth and creative read with well developed, realistic and personable characters will keep the reader entertained and satisfied. I love the book cover and it seems to portray the characters acurately. Book has some twists and turns, loved the ending! I found the overall message to be inspiring and would highly recommend this book to others. Very well written! Thanks to Barbour Publishing for this review copy for my review.

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