Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell- One Sweet Read!

Cover Art

A bit of competition stirs the heart.

Lucy's family has long been in the candy making business. Changes are sought to be made due to the declining health of her father.
Charlie, whose father also owns a family candy making business, markets a product that people cannot seem to get enough of.
When Lucy and Charlie meet the results are less than favorable. In constant odds with each other each try to make a success of their creations in the business world. Will they create a common bond or will they remain less than friends?

Hardship, Competition, Romance and Secrets come together to create a read that offers a unique topic, candy. Smooth flowing plot, easy to follow dialogue, impeccable scenery and wholesome and lovable characters creates a read that offers no dull or dragging parts. Although I rolled my eyes from time to time at Lucy's insecurities, I loved Charlie's character who seemed more down to earth, genuine and realistic. I was entertained and will recommend this book to others. I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers for my review

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