Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Master Gardener Program- How To Become Involved

This rewarding and fun volunteer venture usually takes place at the beginning of the year although that can vary. Each county extension office offers a program for becoming a Master Gardener. The initial fee varies in each state and will be used for the materials to conduct classes, a test that is given at the end of the program and the general knowledge which will be obtained. The hours involved that you must clock to earn the Master Gardener title after successful completion of the classes and passing the written test is set by each state or county. Approved sites for working varies by each location. Renewal hours are new each year and most programs offer their members newsletters and/or email communication along with monthly meetings. I have enjoyed this program immensely and am able to help gardeners with their challenges by answering questions and applying general knowledge in areas ie: landscaping, weed control, when to plant and harvest and so many others. I also participate in the upkeep and planting of public gardens and displays, and learn on a continual basis through advanced training. I have met some fantastic people who share in the love of gardening as I do and there is always something "fun" to talk about. Check out your local program and become involved!

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