Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Glorious Ambition by Jane Kirkpatrick- Interesting!

One Glorious Ambition: The Compassionate Crusade of Dorothea Dix, a Novel

Dorothea boards with relatives while in search of her Grandmother. She is eager to keep her family together (she and her brothers) while filling her earlier days writing and acquiring students to teach, welcoming the window to her true purpose in life. With reoccurant illness to battle she became a voice for the mentally challenged, those suffering behind the cold metal of confining bars. Her contributions to their welfare would be essential in bringing about later change to the conditions they endured.

Relive earlier days of torment and suffering through the well researched and written story of a gifted author. Character development was strong and dialogue reminiscent of the time period.
I was not familiar with Dorothea's pilgrimage when I embarked in the reading of her story, but I now have a clear understanding of the challenges and obstacles she faced. I gained a desire to research more of her life from this book. Although the book drug a little bit in the beginning, picked up towards the middle and remained so until finish creating a memorable and fabulous ending. I did enjoy this book although The Scent of Lilacs, an earlier work of Ms. Kirkpatrick I enjoyed more. I can recommend this book to others especially to those who enjoy historical reads. I received an complimentary ARC copy from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.

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